Thursday, May 31

To dwell is to garden...

I love this time of year. It seems like every day calls back another garden resident. I'm so happy to see this beautiful heritage rose return. Although she doesn't bring a lot of scent with her, she is forgiven because of her beauty and the vintage feel she brings to the other rose ladies -- like a dignified great grandmother . . . from England!

This garden fairy - set against the peonies - is a veteran of my yard. She even lost an arm in service, but it doesn't show from this angle. We ladies look out for each other.

Foxglove is one of my favorite perennials, but I don't do so well with it. I plant three in one area -- two die, and the third shows up someplace else in the garden. I'd really like to know what happened over the winter.

Gotta love this. A perennial geranium that doesn't ask for much water, will bloom from June until September, will accept shade or sun, and blocks out the weeds.

My gardening helper -- Atticus.

Come on already, Mom! We have work to do!

Saturday, May 26

Big news . . .

Jack and I had dinner with my oldest son, his wife and her folks last night -- a sort-of birthday celebration for me. I had no idea about the gift they had in mind!

Before the meal came, Kim handed everyone (except Jordan) a folded section of newspaper with their own individual version of this "Want Ad" posted inside. What a wonderful surprise!

They are so excited. Jordan, especially, just sat there beaming all night. Such fine parents J & K will make. They love life and each other, and will offer this child a life chock full of adventure. I can hardly wait to be a part of it all!

Thursday, May 24

A gift of 'shrooms

My dear friend Monica brought me a 5-pound box of the freshest, most luscious-looking Portobello mushrooms last night. That's a LOT of mushrooms. So, it's grilled Portobellos for dinner, mushroom frittata for breakfast, mushroom soup for lunch...

Tuesday, May 22

Something's blooming

After reading many other blogs on a daily basis, I've decided to join the fun and "bloom where I'm planted." Guess I'll start simply with what's blooming around here. Above is the clematis that grows around my mail box post in the spring.

Thanks to my new blogging friend Carol over at Boxwood Cottage, I now know that this pretty red flower is an Astrantia major 'Hadspen Blood,' commonly know as Masterwort.

And of course my bachelor buttons. I love these early spring flowers, and boy are they prolific!

Atticus "helped" me take the pictures. It looks like he is sniffing the air in this photo. Maybe he smells the lilacs? And laughing. . . Atticus is always laughing.

All this before I've planted a single thing!