Tuesday, May 22

Something's blooming

After reading many other blogs on a daily basis, I've decided to join the fun and "bloom where I'm planted." Guess I'll start simply with what's blooming around here. Above is the clematis that grows around my mail box post in the spring.

Thanks to my new blogging friend Carol over at Boxwood Cottage, I now know that this pretty red flower is an Astrantia major 'Hadspen Blood,' commonly know as Masterwort.

And of course my bachelor buttons. I love these early spring flowers, and boy are they prolific!

Atticus "helped" me take the pictures. It looks like he is sniffing the air in this photo. Maybe he smells the lilacs? And laughing. . . Atticus is always laughing.

All this before I've planted a single thing!


  1. Oh boy. Another blog I get to subscribe to, and I actually know this person. Honored to be first comment. Impressive first blog - pretty flowers, and Atticus is a nice looking dog. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him. I hope you like blogging. I still plan to do mine. They're fun and addictive. It's surprising how interested I can get in a complete stranger's life.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow and keep those blogs coming. I'll subscribe.

  2. yipee! my first comment and a happy birthday wish too!! I look forward to more from you too. It is fun and addictive.

  3. Just coming over from my blog Leslie. Thanks for your consoling post. I wish you many prayers with your x-rays. I worked at a vet hospital in college and thought I would be prepared when it came time to send my beloved dogs to the other side. But ... no, it wasn't any easier. Sigh.

    I love your photo flowers and your fine pic of Atticus. As you can see by my blog, I like to take pics of flowers and dogs too!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Love the blog. And great pictures. I have one all set up (or at least named). Problem is I have had it for a couple of months now, but not one darn thing on it. Maybe yours will motivate me.

    Hope Atticus is feeling better today.

  5. It's amazing! I have the same two flowers in the yard, and an identical one climbing up the mailbox post. Even more astounding is the fact that there is a huge German shepherd just like the one in your picture at my feet.

    I just figured this out... I'm in my office typing, and you're in your office reading blog posts -- 25 feet away -- wondering if you'll get any comments from me today!

    Happy Birthday, Stiffie!!!!! Should be some party here with all the girls tonight!!!

  6. Hi Leslie!
    Nice to meet you! Welcome to the blogging neighborhood!I'm sure you'll have lots of fun while blogging! Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog and your Etsy purchase! I'll send it off tomorrow! Pretty flower pictures, I love Clematis too and I know the name of the next flower, I have it in my garden, just at the moment I can't remember it, but I'll come back to tell you when I remember it again lol! Until then have a good time! Carol x

  7. Ha I knew that I would remember the name as soon as I have sent my comment off *rolleyes*. It's called "Astrantia major"! Your's could be Astrantia Major "Rosea" or "Hadspen blood"! Now you can google it and find it out.
    Happy belated birthday wishes btw! Maybe we can trade magazines another month!? And thank you for adding my blog to your faves! :D

  8. Hi! It`s Shelby I didn`t know you had a websie really. Atticus is very funny!

  9. Hi! it`s shelby!

  10. Hi it's Thomas. I want a Wii for my birthday.

    sincerly, your favorite nephew Thomas.

  11. I so wanted a Wii for my birthday too!

  12. HEY - Nice BLOGG --- I'm at the office right now - - so I'll read more when I get home and in bed with my laptop.