Thursday, May 31

To dwell is to garden...

I love this time of year. It seems like every day calls back another garden resident. I'm so happy to see this beautiful heritage rose return. Although she doesn't bring a lot of scent with her, she is forgiven because of her beauty and the vintage feel she brings to the other rose ladies -- like a dignified great grandmother . . . from England!

This garden fairy - set against the peonies - is a veteran of my yard. She even lost an arm in service, but it doesn't show from this angle. We ladies look out for each other.

Foxglove is one of my favorite perennials, but I don't do so well with it. I plant three in one area -- two die, and the third shows up someplace else in the garden. I'd really like to know what happened over the winter.

Gotta love this. A perennial geranium that doesn't ask for much water, will bloom from June until September, will accept shade or sun, and blocks out the weeds.

My gardening helper -- Atticus.

Come on already, Mom! We have work to do!

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  1. Looks like your garden it in full bloom! Great pictures.