Friday, June 22

Life is full of beauty

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Thank you Ashley Smith for this wonderful quote and the sentiment I put inside of Hannah's card.

Wednesday, June 20

Isn't she lovely?

Meet my sweet grand-daughter, Hannah, born on June 15. Isn't she a cutie? And can't you just "smell" the baby powder when you look at this picture?

Her big sister, Lauren, seems pretty pleased too! And in case this post has confused any of you, No, this was not a warp-speed pregnancy. Kim is still pregnant and due with my third grandchild! Lauren and Hannah are my daughter's lovelies.

Tuesday, June 19

One man's junk

I finally finished the card and date organizer that I started several weeks ago. This funny-looking photo I used as part of the front cover is a picture of me at two or three. My folks have dozens of pictures of me making this face. Who knows what I was thinking, but it is pretty funny.

Lee and I spent five hours at Renninger's in Adamstown, Pa., on Sunday. Five hours was not enough time to visit all of the 375 booths inside of this giant flea market. We didn't even get to the new outdoor Pavilion where there can be as many as 300 vendors on any given Sunday.

We found lots of cool things and some great prices. I even found this wonderful crown pin for Silver Bella!

And great news about Atticus. No hip replacement surgery for now! The surgeon said that Atticus and I would know when it was time. No surgery! No rehab! No sleeping on the sofa next to the dog for three months!

"They're trying to make me go to rehab, but I said, 'No, no, no. . . '"

Monday, June 18

Because he will eventually wander by . . .

Happy Fathers' Day Dad!
This is an old photo of my father that I made into a birthday card.

Ah, the '70s. My dad and me.

Gulp, the '07s. Dad and me now.

I feel so fortunate that my father is still here to share my life, his stories and our adventures. Frankly, I can't imagine him not being here. How wonderful it is to find a best friend in a parent as you both get older.

I know that he was not so lucky with his own father. My grandfather died when my dad was only 11. Through my father's stories, I know that Kenneth was a charismatic and very likeable person. I'm so sorry I never knew him, and that my dad wasn't able to have an adult relationship with his father. I can see by the twinkle in his eye that my grandfather must have been a blast.

Happy Fathers' Day all!

Friday, June 15

Paint, gravel and baby powder "all up in my manicure"

I will never forget the sweet and sassy Kristina Contes for saying that we should sign up for one of her classes if we wanted to get paint "all up in our manicure." Not only did we walk away from Klala's classes with paint under our nails, but also with a new perspective on art and its possibilities tucked in our pockets. What a creative force! The girl is on fire. Soon I will post the fruits from my time with the prodigy.

Kristina is the fizz in the seltzer, and I love her to death! Mixing her with my good friend Monica at MLPA last weekend was like . . . well, sort of like mixing gin and tonic. IT WAS ALL GOOD! Monica and I took both of Kristina's classes on Saturday and cropped with her until late Friday night. Such fresh, pure talent! I am a fan. Dude!!!

But, then I came home Saturday night to a call from Jack's riding partner's wife, telling me that J had been hit by a car making a left turn in front of him. What a terrifying couple of hours before I learned that he was okay! I drove to Virginia Sunday morning to pick him up from the hospital in Winchester. He was very sore and so, so lucky. His beloved BMW K75 was not so fortunate. J learned from the insurance company today that "Blue Balls" had been totalled. I guess the only good news (other than that he is okay) is that it was determined that the accident was in no way his fault, so the woman who hit him (or her insurance company) will be responsible for his expenses. J will reluctantly be driving his "cage" for a while.

For some reason, I felt that this entry had to be detailed in chronological order, so here's my most exciting news at the bottom -- the baby powder "all up in my manicure!"

My daughter, Nicole, gave birth to her second daughter today! Welcome Hannah! All is well with the girls, and I'm just sorry that Nebraska is not closer to Pennsylvania. I'll be posting pictures soon. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of Hannah's older sister, Lauren.

Wednesday, June 6

Glitter and butterflys

I am so excited about Silver Bella! November in Omaha is going to be so sweet! I thought I'd be attending by myself, and at the very last minute, my good friend Lee decided to come along.

I'm feeling all glittery inside.

My only worry is about my dear Atticus. My resident clown is going in to have his right hip replaced in July. The orthopedic vet has convinced me that doing it now, while he's still young and motivated to move and rehabilitate those muscles is better than waiting until he is crippled by his condition. I am so, so praying, hoping, calling on all powers that he will do well with the surgery. That this is the correct decision. Atticus is my touchstone -- my heart dog -- and I want him to be around for a long, long time.This surgery is most likely going to happen in July. Three months rehab. . . No 7 percent snafu -- no infection, no dislocation, no problem. Fingers crossed.

Still feeling all glittery.