Wednesday, June 6

Glitter and butterflys

I am so excited about Silver Bella! November in Omaha is going to be so sweet! I thought I'd be attending by myself, and at the very last minute, my good friend Lee decided to come along.

I'm feeling all glittery inside.

My only worry is about my dear Atticus. My resident clown is going in to have his right hip replaced in July. The orthopedic vet has convinced me that doing it now, while he's still young and motivated to move and rehabilitate those muscles is better than waiting until he is crippled by his condition. I am so, so praying, hoping, calling on all powers that he will do well with the surgery. That this is the correct decision. Atticus is my touchstone -- my heart dog -- and I want him to be around for a long, long time.This surgery is most likely going to happen in July. Three months rehab. . . No 7 percent snafu -- no infection, no dislocation, no problem. Fingers crossed.

Still feeling all glittery.


  1. Oh Leslie you are so lucky that you can attend Silver Bella! I'm jealous *sigh*
    I hope that the little nests have arrived at your doorsteps by now! Carol xox

  2. Dear Garden Mist:

    Almost nothing grows here. The ground is hard and almost frozen 10 months of the year. The wind blows relentlessly. I am alone, surrounded by migrating birds (penguins, terns, and albatroses) outside, and weather monitoring instruments inside.

    The colors here are grey, mottled green, and the whitewash swatches left by tens of thousands of birds. So I go walking in your garden every morning. The flowers are always in bloom. The birds are limited to one or two. Your dog lets me spray him with the hose.

    And I try hard not to leave footprints in the grass.

    Thank you.

  3. Poor Atticus! But you're right to have him taken care of before the condition worsens.

    How was the jazz fest?

  4. Hey you! Just wanted to say hi and thanks for coming to play at mlpa! You two were hysterical.