Sunday, July 29

A charmed journey . . .

Oh boy, what fun we had yesterday getting all dirty with Tim Holtz! My hands look I've been toying with engines instead of making wonderful art. The girls and I headed out before 6 yesterday morning toward Rubber Chicken Stamp Art in Gaithersburg, Maryland, for a day of classes with our favorite artist. We were so impressed with the first two classes we had signed up for that we begged to stay for the third. Tim and our gracious hosts at Rubber Stamp worked it out and we were in! How cool is that?

During the morning session -- Charmed Possessions -- we worked with dominoes, alcohol inks, mica, metal charms and found items to create these awesome little pieces that could be worn as jewelry or used in collage, or who knows what! (You can click on any of these images for a closer look. In fact, please do, since I wasn't able to limit my focus to any one thing.)

After lunch we turned our attention to Industrial, and made these little yummies from Bazzill chipboard, metallic dabbers, ink, fun bits-and-pieces of metal, electrical resistors and bulbs. The challenge in this session was to not use glue.These were the only projects I didn't complete in the allotted time, (or maybe I should say that this was the only class where I had left-over parts!) but the class was also pretty loose and open to interpretation.

Our evening class -- Road Trip -- was all about using found items, beads, and these cool little license plates (that we made from TH paper, acrylic tags and aged copper tape) to make charms to be strung on a themed necklace. Although the necklace was pretty well adorned by the time we finished it, he encouraged us to add our own found items to the piece as we discover them on our "journey."

One of the many cool things about Tim's classes is that he supplies all the tools you need to complete a project -- no basic kit in tow. We learned so many new techniques yesterday that my hands may look like a mechanic's for some time. Five hours of driving + ten hours of classes = fun, fun fun!


  1. The necklace looks great on Atticus. He looks proud to wear it too. You added some nice touches to the Industrial art. You're amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh, you made all of that in one (albeit) long day??? Love it all......did you solder around the dominoes? or just patina copper foil tape?

  3. I want one!!!!!!!!!!

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!

    just like the doggie's


    xox - eb.


  4. Oh my, Tim was just in my town a month or so ago and I wasn't able to I'm really wishing I'd dropped everything and gone anyway....I love it ALL!!!!

  5. Oh my I'm so impressed! Can't believe you've made all those beautiful things in just one day ans you did so well! Fabulous supplies you've got for your creations, great class! I'm jealous!
    Hugs Carol xox

  6. OMG This is way too cute!!! For you doggie!!!! I must have one. Hee hee Very cute in deed!!

  7. Oh such fun!
    Love them!!!

    Sweet puppy is quite the gorgeous super model!

    My beagles would look quite snazzy with such beautiful jewelry!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Now I come here (which I have now bookmarked btw) and see all this FABULOUSNESS! OMG, I love it all....all of it. What a lucky duck to take classes with Tim Holtz, so many various techniques to learn. That necklace on your dog (great model by the way) is spectacular - I love the idea of adding collected things along the journey! WOW!! Now I want to make one....any hints?

  9. Love it! And just why does Atticus look like some kind of Italian "muscle dude" in that necklace? ;)

    Dee Dee

  10. WOW!!! These classes look INCREDIBLE!!! Your work is really STUNNING. You necklace model is quite handsome!!! Miss Beula would never sit still to do anything like that!!! I need to check out Tim's site to see if he will be anywhere near me teaching these classes!!!

  11. Wow, you are so talented with this stuff!

    Atticus looks lovely by the way!


  12. Wow! What a great workshop series! You made some incredible pieces in such a short time! Your model is absolutely gorgous and looks so dashing with his necklace. Thank you for adding me to your links. I have added you to my blog roll too. :D

  13. Leslie! They're beautiful! I'm one of those dorks who loves to look down while I'm walking. I amaze myownself at I find.

    I keep the little glass marble that I found on Duvall St. in Key West in my change purse as a lucky charm. When I reach in to get money for the meter, or whatever and grab the magic pebble, I realize how much fun I've had.

    Keep up the quest for found objects; there's treasure everywhere!

  14. i heart this photo
    of your dog
    wearing that magical necklace...

    that is one lucky dog!


  15. Oh!



    Oh!... OMG - and you know what I'm talking about here - there she is...

    in all her beautiful wonderment...

    angels all around...

    and one is named Leslie

    and sometimes

    wishes come true

    blowing pink and turquoise kisses

    to you

    xox - eb.