Monday, July 16


I am so into birds these days -- flying, new horizons, rising above -- and I made this card for my youngest son, who is presently struggling to rise above. The sentiment I included inside of the card came from Sadako Sasaki, and it reads: "I will write PEACE on your wings and you will FLY all over the world."
Okay, so it kinda sucks that the first readable definition in the background is the word "urine."
And I use this stamp {which I did on the back} by River City Rubber Works a LOT. Thanks Kristina!


  1. You ARE my neighbor
    we inhabit the same
    soul space
    next to next my dear
    and this
    most lovely creation
    oh my - oh my!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is ART
    and beauty
    and love
    and kindness

    I am holding your hand
    and I hope that
    that is ok with you
    your beauty and love

    I am here
    for a little glimmer...

    a little spark...

    xox - eb.

  2. Oh my, that card is SOOOOOO beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight.

  3. a beautiful piece. I love the stamp on the back too!! :)

  4. Great card and I love the sentiment inside. I have a fondness for witty artist signature stamps, too.

  5. That is great and oh so beauteous! (is that a word?)

    Hope he is finding his wings.


  6. Hey Leslie, your blog is wonderful, especially the title :D This card is lovely, powerful encouragment for your son. Thanks for stopping by my spot and checking out my stuff.

  7. Hi Leslie! Love your blog and all the pretty bird art. I plan on checking in often!

  8. Pity about 'that word', but I wouldnt have known if I hadnt clicked on the image. Taking that word away its a beautiful the feathers.

  9. Maybe "urine" is meant to be spoken as "yearn." Just a thought. :-)

    You make gorgeous art Leslie!

  10. Leslie,
    What a lovely set of pictures! You are one lucky lady. Bet Jack loved the visit (hope he went), back to his roots, where his peeps be and all. Be good and talk to you soon,