Wednesday, August 15

Birthday boy

Today is Atticus' second birthday! No cake, no balloons, not even a party. Just a couple of funny pictures, a walk and a Frosty Paws.I'm going out of town for the next few days. See you next week!


  1. Happy Birthday Atticus!

    Dee Dee

  2. Love the pictures!

    I hope all is well with your trip.

  3. What a delightful name for a delightful dog! Love him! Happy BDAY, big guy! (& don't they love those Frosty Paws? Did you know you can make your own?)


  4. honestly,
    that second photo,
    where your pup is looking straight into the camera...

    for all the world,
    he looks like a person i know.

    well, except for the ears, maybe...


    too funny...

  5. Happy Birthday to a very beautiful and special dog!

  6. Happy birtday, Atticus!

  7. happy birthday handsome!!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  8. That beautiful birthday boy makes me want a second German shepherd so bad!

    It's good just having Louie now since losing Smitty (one dog is much more manageable with two little ones, too) but I see pictures like this and start to get the itch for a little guy or girl just like Atticus.

    Thanks for sharing such great pics of your boy. It takes me back.

  9. I love his noble face bet he is really a pussycat?

  10. I love Atticus!! He is so loving and large. He is trully the gentle giant. Les brought him to MO last year. Atticus played with my two year old son just like a loving father. Glad you could come again this year. I love those "bonding moments" with my cousins!! Love ya, Amy Jo