Thursday, August 9

Lake Placid and sunlight in a box. . .

"I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore . . . I hear it in the deep heart's core," said William Butler Yeats.

Well, I heard it myself this past weekend in Lake Placid, New York. What a wonderful three days spent in a cabin in the woods, waking to the song of a white-throated sparrow drifting through my bedroom window each morning. Hear it here. Friends Lee and Paul generously invited us to crash their family/lacrosse vacation in the Adirondacks. Ahhhhh. A few days was not long enough, but how refreshing!

And look what I found when I returned home! Mail art from e.b.! I just knew this was going to be fun, so even though it was waiting for me when I got home last night, I didn't open it until today when I would be fresh.

Look at all the treasures she tucked into the package! She knows I have a "thing" for birds - see the vintage Arm and Hammer baking soda bird card? And the beautiful necklace nestled into the shell nest? I am delighted at the way the colors of the necklace, and the Dream card, and Sophi's angel card, and ALL of it is reflected in her sunset picture. Yes, this treasure box is so e.b., and it will be filled with the most precious of treasures, because when I open it, I will hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore and the call of the white-throated sparrow singing his song of summer.

But wait, there's MORE. Tucked into the spray-painted envelope/label were these! I am awed and touched by this thoughtful, generous gift. Hugs, sweet friend.


  1. what a delight for me to put this together for you... and did you see what it inspired?

    Making gifts from my heart is where the "art" impulse originated...

    it always leads to new territory...

    thank you so dear Leslie for BEing that map

    xox - eb.

  2. oh and there is more...

    these photos of the Lake Placid area are treasures - so glad that you heard the bird song there...

    xox - eb.

  3. Lake Placid looks so beautiful, what a wonderful place to be in a cabin, listening to the birds. The photos are beautiful.

    and speaking of beautiful, what an amazing parcel you received from eb....she astounds and amazes...I am in awe...look at that necklace..the box ALL of it! WOW!

  4. We visited Lake Placid a few years ago... in the fall. I loved it there. So peaceful. So beautiful. Glad you had a terrific time.
    Great treasures! Lucky you!

  5. What a beautiful setting! Your photography skills are quite good Leslie.

    As are eb's artistic. Beauitful work! *sigh* If only I had gotten the creative gene Leslie and yourself did!

    Dee Dee

  6. Beautiful -- the photos, the setting and the gift box with contents.

  7. gorgeous photos!!!!
    lake placid is divine!
    jessi nagy

  8. Awesome goodies!! Your photography is INCREDIBLE!!!

  9. Oh, forgot to mention...we use to have a vacation home in Lake Placid, but it was Lake Placid, Florida!!!

  10. Wow, those photo's are just so beautiful - the lily pads are divine. and that mail art - is breathtaking - you are very lucky indeed - what a lovely present for you. Its funny as i recieved some the other day and i also just stared at it for the longest time, it took me a day to open - i never do that. Thanks Leslie for all your wonderful comments on my blog - i really really appreciate them so much. Enjoy your pressie's and the week.

  11. OMG! Lake Placid is Bea-U-TI-FUL!!! (of course, I STILL thought of that scary movie--and would not actually ever GO there...LOL)..

    You have a great blog! I loved what you got to do with Tim Holtz!!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog.


  12. Simply beautiful photos...that lake with the lilly pads....WOW!!

    YOU are the lucky one to get this delightful package of inspiration from dear eb!!!