Sunday, August 26

Some enchanted evening. . .

The fabulously inspiring e.b. has invited everyone to THE event of the fall -- the Bloglandia Ball on September 26, to coincide with the full moon. Oh, what will I wear? Check out what other folks are doing here and here and here! Oh, and here too! My muse for this dress comes from New Mexico -- The Land of Enchantment -- where I spent most of my formative years.


  1. I LOVE looks like leather on the bottom. I am so enchanted and full of joy seeing all the dresses popping up all's a definite addicting process that, for me, is taking over!!heehee

  2. Love this! - the feathered belt is especially captivating. This is so much fun, and Eb is such an inspiration. I think the night of the Bloglandia Ball, dancing under the Chrysanthemum Moon, will be quite an enchanted evening for us all! xo

  3. now this is swishy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the feathers, wow - can you make one in a size 8? - by Art Hop? :)


    I am in 24/7 mode preparing for Art Hop - 12 days...

    will you make more and/or re-post 9/26?

    love you...

    xox - eb.

    ps - I spent a spectacular month in San Rafael when I was 21... eating fruit from the trees... living above a garage with crystals spinning rainbows and in love with a photographer who is now a natural farming guru...

    haven't charged much...

    xox - again - eb.

  4. Wow! Beautiful dress, son and dog!!!

    The dress is wonderful! I love it. So different, and I love the Native American flare!

    I hope all goes well with your son. I will keep him in my prayers!

    I like the Black Patina stuff! I will have to try some of that!

    (I had to catch up on the post--so I just replied to them all here!)

  5. gorgeous!!!!!
    jessi nagy

  6. **land of enchantment**

    would be
    where you wear that dress,
    i am thinking...


  7. I think you're gonna need a bigger sun porch soon dear Leslie! I love the little dress thingey. Okay, I'm not a scrapper, so I don't know the lingo. Sue me!

    And New Mexico? That reminded me of that big paper mache thing they torched every summer in Santa Fe. What was that called? I just remember being quite traumatized, as they always had in moaning as it met it's demise. Is it cause I was little, or was it really that big?

    Nice work Leslie!

    Dee Dee

  8. The big paper mache thing:

  9. Love the outfit, great feathers

  10. This is stunning. I love all the details.