Thursday, September 27

And there it is . . .

Look e.b. I think it's shining for you, dear friend. The harvest moon is PINK!


  1. boy oh boy missy - you sure do have some strings that you can pull... and talk about connections...

    a pink moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a PINK moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A PINK MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as they say over here...

    "jeezum crow Batman!"

    I keep coming back not only for the canapes... thank god for an endless supply - and those lovely dresses - the little maid dress is not only divine but brilliant - but - lordy girl... the COMMENTS over here are priceless!... maybe the cooking husband aka tlb could cook up some dialog for the Book... and speaking about tlb - did the scoundrel come through with the stogies?

    a pink moon...

    somethings gonna come of that...

    xox - eb.

  2. what a great picture!

  3. Yes! What a beautiful moon!!The ball was so's nice meeting and dancing with you!

  4. Oh, fabulous indeed....that eb aura...

  5. love your pink moon...thanks for the dance...blessings, rebecca

  6. Ah look at that stunning pink moon, do you suppose eb ordered it as part of her grand plan? That woman thinks of everything doesn't she? She's amazing!
    And so are YOU! Didn't we have THE best time? I never once thought about weight or my hair or if my earrings freeing!

  7. how perfect is that! If you come to NZ again, you must visit, stay even! Especially if you can do that to the moon! xo

  8. oh I love that pink moon! It was so fun dancing with you Leslie... and those goodies... will feed this soul for a longgggg time! I loved dancing with you!!!

  9. I love it a beautiful magnificent pink moon just for me..... Pinkie

  10. Did you take this?


    And yes, it was a moon the other night, wasn't it?

    Dee Dee

  11. The Fairy Violette was enchanted to meet you at the Bloglandia Ball and would like to give you some flowers and an invite.

  12. That is GORGEOUS!! I KNEW you were in the know AND in the pink!

  13. A pink moon, truly from the heavens. It had mellowed from the red sky that night, a sailor's delight!It cast it's spell for us attending the Bloglandia Ball, as we continued to dance 'till morning's first light.
    Thankyou for letting me feel welcome even though my arrival time was a wee bit late. Susan

  14. i had the same pinky moon
    over here,
    i think.

    but it could have just been
    all that Harvest Cider
    i consumed...


    who cares if jack did the cooking!
    he *wove the tale*

    which was what was so delish!

  15. a beautiful picture and tribute to our dearest eb!! just lovely lesly!