Friday, September 28

Back to the studio . . .

I love calling my work space "the studio," even though I still feel really funny about saying that. BUT, there is a 12' by 28' part of my home that is entirely dedicated to . . . this fun little pastime of mine. Someday, when I clean it up a bit, I may post some pictures of that space.

In the meantime, this is what I've done recently, taking a couple of muses into my STUDIO with me.

I started a journal. I'm not terribly excited about the results I have yet, but I'm doing it, and I'm going back for today's entry just as soon as I post this.I also made these cards.This card was inspired by my grandmother -- the subject of this card -- but the muse comes from e.b., and the collage I took home from her studio during my recent visit.This card was inspired by Rebecca Sower, and the inside sentiment reads: "I carry your heart with me, (I carry it in my heart)" - e.e. cummingsThis one? I guess it's mine.

Happy evening everyone! The moon still looks pretty festive.


  1. good evening sweetness

    just returning

    from sauces - yes...

    an exact repeat

    of our time together there

    I ordered:

    the duck pastrami salad...

    the salmon...

    and the chocolate pate

    with the muscat

    and remembered and

    told stories about

    Leslie and Jack

    with our friends the Elliots

    it was grandma Suzanne's

    birthday and our first

    6th grade dance -

    remember Jensen - of

    the Loop dee loos -

    perhaps she was dancing

    with Boone...

    we stayed late

    and laughed a lot

    and conjured the presence

    of L and J...

    and now - seeing these

    journal pages...

    I am so inspired and

    will open mine again...


    as I said in an e-mail...

    sometimes - what we create

    continues to propagate...

    and that - is what...

    you have done...

    big PINK kisses girlfriend

    the moon had a slice missing

    but glowed all the same...

    for all the dancing...

    xox - eb.

  2. I love that we can all share in the journal process....that we can put ourselves between the pages in moments of pure whimsy to things deep in our souls. It's very freeing, even if only one word is on the page. I need to do a page for 3 words:
    Blessed Blogger Friends!!
    Inspiration like golden threads bind us all together!
    I wish my studio was as large, mine is our spare bedroom now designated to art but it's only about 10'x12'. (I am grateful to have it though only it's in a BAD state at present)
    Have a blissful weekend!
    p.s. please tell Jack I'd sure love to read more of his writing!!

  3. ps - and a heads up - go check out the Bloglandia Book at Steph's...

    if you haven't already...

    xox - eb.

  4. Oh yes, wonderful wonderful creations indeed!!!;) (I admire your journaling...)

  5. Yay for your muse!! I know I take inspiration DAILY from this little world we fly around in.....

  6. leslie...what a fun journal and cards are is great to have a studio...blessings, rebecca

  7. Yay! I struggle with journaling... sometimes I do it... most times, I don't.
    Your creations are fabulous!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  8. Your journal is wonderful. Love your postcards.

  9. What a wonderful journal, history in the making -it is lovely and how I envy you a `studio'

  10. Your bird card is great...I am qute fond of the bird stamp, too. And please post your photos of your studio.