Thursday, September 6

A gathering point . . .

I read that nearly 16 million people flew somewhere over Labor Day weekend, and I was one of them. Experts predicted that it would be a mess, but you couldn't tell it by my flights. I flew from Philadelphia to Springfield, Missouri, on Delta. I was concerned about my mere 35-minute layover in Delta's hub - Atlanta - but still I made it! I suppose that is because my second flight was delayed two hours. And coming home? Both flights on Northwest (through Memphis) arrived early. My favorite airline remains Midwest though. Roomy leather seats and fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies. Could a traveler ask for more?I flew to southern Missouri for a family reunion. As almost always happens, not everyone could make it, but still, there were 35+ for dinner on Sunday night. We gathered at my aunt and uncle's house outside of Bolivar. They raise dogs on their idyllic farm, and it was a weekend full of puppies and kids. I moved to the Northeast from Nebraska when I was only 19, so I often forget how simple and wonderful life in the Midwest can be. It's good to be reminded.Oh, and SPF, thanks for petting my dogs while I was away!


  1. Darn it anyways..... I wanted to go too! Send more pictures to my email if you get a chance. I KNOW you took 200 of em.

    Thanks for sharing Leslie!

    Dee Dee

  2. What a beautiful place! Did I know you were from Nebraska? You probably mentioned it.... what part. Forgive me if I forgot.
    Thanks so much for the sweet thoughts for our mama.

  3. While you were gone, I had two responsibilities: water the flowers and resist selling the dogs. Efficiency is my middle name. I learned that by adjusting the water pressure, it was possible to gently soak all the plants in the yard while sitting in a chair and smoking a cigar.

    However, I had forgotten you let Atticus assist in the watering chore. He grabbed the hose from my hand and ran under the seat with it. The chair was one of the mesh variety on the patio and I was soaked in a matter of seconds. He also managed to extinguish the cigar.

    Naturally, I'd been sitting out there in my socks. They were like tea bags in a instant. I peeled these off before stepping into the house. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see both dogs tearing about the yard, each holding one of my late socks in their mouths.

    Why is it this never happens to you?

    I live to serve your pleasure.


  4. Hello Jack - you sound like a new friend...

    Hello Leslie - so happy to hear about your trip - and no wonder we are soul sisters - you are from NE too - way cool - and thanks so for the kindnesses to Christine - it made a big difference - being loved is... after all... the whole shebang - no?...

    see you soon my dear - can't wait and - art hop is... almost in place - yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

    and thank goodness!!!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  5. oh - Jack - of course - yes! Jack - I love your writing style... and - I know of a sweet little cigar store - you know - I collect cigar boxes - yessireee - Jack - oh I can't wait to introduce you to LUNA - DOXIE GIRL!!!!!!!!

    she be... a BIG girl - Napoleon style...

    xox - eb.

  6. well - I guess you could tell me what kind of cigar he likes...

    can't wait... and now I'm in the unwind place... it... is and so...

    xox - eb - dear girl - soon...

  7. whoa!

    what wonderful photographs
    of happy, smiley days...

    the small-hand-on-puppy-nose is



    efficiency is such a funny name
    for someone named jack...

  8. Awe, looks like you had a great time! Sorry we had to miss it, maybe next year right?


  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and these pics are beautiful. i love the one of the barn.

  10. Lovely trip! I too was traveling with the masses labor day weekend, driving through the midwest....

    Have been playing with be dream play, she raves about have I not discovered this yet???

    Will be back to visit!!