Tuesday, September 11

Knock, knock. Who's there?

J and K had their 20-week ultrasound today to check the status of Baby Marsh and to determine the baby's gender. She and J thought everyone might have fun trying to figure it out from the picture below. (The head is to the left and the butt to the right.) So, what do you think?It's a boy!

Oh yeah, I could tell that . . . I could tell.

(I agree with Mary, I think it kind of looks like a puppy - a puppy with wings, and I can definitely see a foot coming in from the left.)


  1. How wonderful!!!
    A little boy!
    What a gift!!!

  2. Looks like a puppy to me. Good thing I don't make a living interpreting ultrasounds!

  3. It's obvious to anyone who's been around the block a few times that the child in this picture is a boy, considering his testicles are in full view. Then again, Miss Spiff, most of the women in your family seem to have big testicles too. It does lead to some confusion from time to time.

    It will be refreshing to have a male child running around this house occasionally, bossing these dogs around. I look forward to showing him how to romance the words out of a keyboard, teaching him how to spit for emphasis, and how to punctuate a look with silence.

    And I will get a thrill out of having him call me "Gram's Paramour."

  4. Let's hear it for the boys. OK, that eliminates lots of names.

  5. congratulations !!

    a puppy with wings - so laughing !!!

    This picture is fantastic - so much fun to see - thanks for sharing !

  6. Wow - what a joy - thanks for showing us.

  7. Did Jack just say we have big balls? Humph! *okay, and giggles at I guess he's somewhat right*

    On this day in particular, it was wonderful to see, life renewing, all shiny, and limitless in opportunity.

    I wish I were there to see her expanding tummmy!

    Rub Buddah once for me?

    Dee Dee

  8. Wow...hard for me to tell. I have a picture of my daughter (22 years ago!)...always amazed at these images!!

  9. I have one of those of Boone - (digging it out now) yes I would have to agree with Jack - at least on a few of those points... I guess we will see on the others hee hee...

    so exciting... my little boy has been my greatest teacher... yes!

    xox - eb.

  10. A new life....there is NOTHING more precious than that!! Of course I couldn't make out anything bit ultra sounds get to me every time I see one...a baby's first photo!

  11. I say it looks like a miracle!!! A joy soon to be held in lots of loving arms!!! Great to meet you Leslie, I loved seeing your visit with eb et al., congratulations on your third grandchild! And your bloglandia dress... is gorgeous!

  12. hello to our dear and lovely friends in PA - Jack... that story will make us all famous - publish it as quickly as possible so that I no longer have to throw hopeful big spenders out of the studio and can focus on the important things - musing and amusing the great storytellers like U no hoo hoo...

    xox - eb... and Wolfie

    (one small amendment - the cat's name is Byzantina)

  13. oh... and Jack - one more thing - I would like more comments of this variety and - many thanks - you were true to my request - qualitative length...

    forgive me Leslie to digress so...

    poor blogging etiquette I know...
    my apologies

    xox - eb.