Tuesday, October 23

October moon

I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it,”
said Albert Einstein. But who could resist looking at this moon!

Today was my mother's 74th birthday.It was my son's third anniversary . . . and I got a present!

It was an early Christmas present from my son whose anniversary was today, but he's like that.Go ahead. Eat your hearts out.


  1. Dear Stiffie:

    An hour after you took that picture of the moon, I watched its light silently cross the room to touch your coverlet.

    How long has this sort of thing been going on?

    Fondest regards,
    (The Lindbergh Baby -- Accept No Substitutes)

    PS: I decided to start referring to myself as "TLB" (The Lindbergh Baby) as I was inspired by "SPF" (Some Pink Flowers). I rather liked her approach to the name business. The late poet Richard Brautigan (sp?) once wtote a great book called, "Trout Fishing In America." In this book, "Trout Fishing In America" was referred to as a person, a thing, an idea, and a book. I think of this whenever I come across Some Pink Flowers now.

  2. What a shot of that moon! and boy, you and that TLB have some fabulous relationship....very special! (Trout Fishing in America is my hubby's favorite book by the way)

    Happy BD to your beautiful mother and your son's anniversary....BUT, I'm so behind the times...what is your gift??

  3. OK, I also have to tell you my husband calls me Stiffnie.....

  4. Such a lucky mommy! Hey I posted a new Halloween story on my blog,tell me what you think!

  5. Great picture of the moon!

    Kids off today, leaving me frazzled and all in a frenzy! Uugghh.

  6. Dear Stiffie - may I call you that in complete and total deference to TLB?

    So nice to talk with you - D. and I walked in the long horizontal moon shadows and chatted until 2:00am - thus my day - which included some all consuming surprises - got off to a rather slow start...

    can you drive that new gismo?
    what a sweet son! and the moon pics are incredible - dug out my tripod today and - a very happy birthday to your sweet Mama...

    back to moon over your moon pics...

    xox - eb.

  7. oh - habibi means "darling" in arabic - memziborat is a word game David and I were playing while preparing dinner one night a la Foolsgold...

    xox - eb.

  8. Shush, let's see how long it takes her to see who it's from.....

    Bad sister as well? giggles

    Now wait, Jack compared you to a trout fishing story? Ummm, Jack. You're about to get a name, and it aint TLB. I can say this, you named me Tartuffle. Yea, google it people. Jerk.

    But, I love Stiffey and her pictures. Her moon is amazing. Actually, I saw a good one this morning too on the way to work.

    (Oh sit down Jack, it wasn't yours!)

  9. Nice prezzie! Color me green.

  10. Awesome present! Are you the baby in the picture? Kind of looks like Hannah to me.

  11. Lucky you!
    And I love your book down below!
    Sandra Evertson

  12. that moon shot is incredible! there is nothing like the slumber found in a moonbeam...

  13. Beautiful moon and lovely family photos - oh and what a fun present!

  14. Your moon photo is lovely. I have -Envy over your present. Hope you're making more beautiful journal pages.

  15. Wow! That moon photo is gorgeous!!

  16. Hey there, Leslie.

    Thanks for visiting me and for your kind comment. It is very much appreciated....and you are a neighbor, of sorts! I was looking at that exact same moon!!!

    Great photo.
    Happy birthday to your mom.
    Happy anniversary to your son
    ...and last but not least....GREAT GIFT!