Monday, October 8

What can be done in three days?

You'd be amazed.I just spent three days experiencing the world the way we'd like it to be. Well, except for the cancer and the porta-potties . . . Everyone encouraged each other; they applauded the appearance of others; they picked them up when they fell; iced and bandaged their sore places; provided music and dancing and food and lots and lots of Gatorade. (As always, you can see more detail by clicking on the photos.)I was fortunate enough to be a member of the crew that supported the 2,300 Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day walkers over their 60-mile journey this past weekend. Being a part of the crew that feeds, hydrates, and cheers on the walkers is hard work that allows for very little sleep, but it is so rewarding. They say, "You never feel like you count so much as when you’re being counted on this much."Yep.I walked the 60-mile event two years ago, and I know how much I appreciated the ever up-beat, sometimes wacky crew who coddled me through my event. It was a wonderfully surreal place in time then, as it was during this past weekend, and it'll take me a few more days to regain my cynicism.Such an interesting bunch of walkers, who came to the event from so many different perspectives: daughters, sisters, husbands, survivors . . . So many touching stories and moving moments.The enthusiasm generated by the 3-Day machine was contagious even to those who just happened across our path. Community support along the route was really impressive.Arriving at Holding and especially the Closing ceremony was such a powerful and emotional experience -- and our crew had the best seats in the crowd!Everyone raised a shoe when the survivors (wearing pink) walked in.Friends and family came from near and far to welcome the walkers back. It was really touching. At least most parts . . .The Philly 3-Day raised 6.5 million dollars for the cause. . .


  1. Looks like you had an incredibly successful walk, congratulations!


  2. Awesome...



    What a wonderful experience. So worthwhile and fulfilling.

    Thank you!

  3. It's two days after this historic walk, and the garden is full of pink roses. How do you do it, Stiff? How do you turn the world to your purpose with that smile? Why do the seasons vie to do your bidding? How is it the tide waits until you call it, then follows you up and down the beach like a trained dolphin?

    Thank goodness I don't have to craft text to match the emotion in your pictures this time. I'd be stumped. My favorite is the little boy with the bubbles. It's sort of how I go through life in your shadow.

    The Lindbergh Baby

  4. Totally incredible!!! I can't say enough, my mouth was wide open while reading the entire thing! Oh my goodness!!! Whata wonderful thing to be a part of! xxo

  5. How brillaint and inspiring!
    Good on you!
    love all the photo's especially the bubbles one- so cute!

  6. very cool photos of what must have been a great event.

  7. just so completely awesome~~~~

    my best friend just completed a year of treatments for her breast cancer & i cannot tell you how much this means to us!

  8. Wow! That's an impressive amount of money! Good job people! And good job you. It's a noble worthy cause no doubt!

    And I LOVE the outfits on some of these people! A sense of humor thrown in for good measure. :)

    And of course your photography skills are as always, amazing.

    Dee Dee

  9. There is joy in every photo, purpose in every photo, determination in every photo, commitment in every photo. All of it summed up in the exhilaration of your participation....the amount of money raised...and the gratitude for having done so.

  10. wonderful is that are such a special person to support or walk or just be there...beautiful images...blessings, rebecca

  11. somepinkflowers
    to you all...
    and survivors!


    my daddy,
    my husband,
    my brother-in-law
    are all cancer survivors
    so i thank you far more than
    you can understand.

    PS--i think you are so fortunate
    to have the love and support
    of Writer Jack.

    carry on...

  12. WOW - LESLIE - blown away - and so touched - down at my parents with them and just checked in - I'll be back for more - oh those bubbles... YES YES YES -

    so inspired girl - you are wonderful!!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  13. Congratulations! And thank you!

  14. I'm back and apart from
    what I've already said...

    your pictures are
    so fresh and
    full of life and
    love and caring -

    your heart is shining
    so brightly through
    each and every one -

    thank you for BEing there
    for all of us who weren't...

    but then again
    we were
    through your eyes
    and sharing...

    xox - eb.

  15. Wow! What an awesome thing you did there! So cool to do the walk...equally amazing to support the walk...cuz what would any of us be without loving support? great photos and text as GO girl!

  16. What an amazing event I'm sure you feel very proud to have been part of it all.

  17. Amazing photos of such an important event!!! Thank you for being part of it all...

    And I loved this: "'ll take me a few more days to regain my cynicism."

  18. What a beautiful bunch of dedicated and compassionate people! :)

  19. Amazing shots!!! Makes me teary eyed.
    My dear friend was diagnosed in July, and is walking the 3 day walk in Nov here in San Diego, can't wait to be on the side line taking pictures. I know I should be walking too, but I am doing all the training with her.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. Leslie,
    I know how powerful these events are and how emotional it must be to work as a supporter. Wonderful photos...they show such love, support and commitment, each and every one.

    I am anxious to catch up with the rest of what you have been doing these past weeks.


  21. How fantastic - an amazing experience and you raised money for an important cause. Bravo!

  22. Ohhh...what an incredible experience...and soooo worthwhile. Congratulations to you and to everyone who participated. :)