Saturday, November 24

Come . . . share . . .

Two of the nicest words one can hear from friends are "come" and "share," and that's just what we did on Thursday.Monica and Bill invited Jack and me to share Thanksgiving with their family.The aroma of turkey and fixings greeted us warmly as we walked in the door, and Monica handed us each a glass of champagne to accompany the delicious smells.A small kitchen fire put their stove out of commission just when it was time to make gravy, but the ever-resourceful Monica took the ingredients outside and put together gravy on the tailgate of her son's truck.Good friends. Good food. Good time.

*We had Thanksgiving #2 on Friday, and I cooked, but I didn't take any pictures. Still, we had a great time with my kids too!


  1. What wonderful times! Good friends... so thankful for so many.
    Great photos... love the one of you and Monica.

  2. So glad to know your holidays were spent with those dear to you. Love the beautiful photo of you and your friend.

  3. Hi Monica!

    Hi Leslie!

    Hi all of the rest of you fun friends having fun...

    now hand me a glass of champagne and let's have a chat...

    oooooooooooo SO nice here...

    xox - eb.

  4. Martha Stewart has nothing on Monica is seems.

    And what the heck, you didn't take any pictures on Thankgiving number 2?

    Shakes head in disbelief!

    Sister number 3~Dee Dee

  5. your friend is the queen of resourcefulness...a tailgate thanksgiving sounds like such fun!! beautiful photos...

  6. Sounds like a wonderful celebration! So fun to meet you in Omaha! Have a great holiday season...cheers!

  7. Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect! Quiet, reflective, and quality time spent with family and good friends! :-)

  8. What a lovely day, it is so special to have people that are not only family but good friends to spend a day of feasting and being grateful together... I bet the tailgate gravy was divine!