Wednesday, November 7

Glitter, Grunge and a Mea Culpa. . .

My friend Cari, says she firmly believes that glitter and grunge can live happily together. In fact, she may just stitch that on a pillow! I'll be meeting Cari and 124 others in Omaha tomorrow when I get to Silver Bella -- the event I've been waiting for since June!It takes hard work to obtain grunge. Just ask Judy Wilkenfeld. See what came in the mail for me today -- all the way from "down under" and Judy's wonderful etsy shop! These rusted elements are going to Silver Bella with me, so we'll see if glitter and grunge truly can live happily together. I'll be sleeping with these under my pillow, so don't get any ideas.Look what else came from Judy! This beautiful old bible was printed in London by Eyre and Spottiswoode who were printers to “The Queen's most Excellent Majesty.” The date says 1804. It was hand-inscribed to Miss E P Hall in 1892.It was a good mail day.This little beauty came from Geraldine Newfry. It is the third book I've gotten from Gerri's etsy shop, and I have two more on the way. I really love her little book gems, but I have yet to actually write in one. Maybe once I have 10 or 12!I have been writing in this one though, and worked a little on its cover this afternoon.I've also been working on this little journal box (which will hold one of Gerri's books). I have been so inspired by Laurie Mika's book Mixed Media Mosaics. This box top is not finished, nor are any of the tiles even glued down yet, but I am filling the spaces.I am so very late in acknowledging and passing on the wonderful You Make Me Smile award I received from Sue Pieper last month. Forgive me Sue! I hope I still make you smile!For now, I've got to finish packing for Silver Bella. I'll be needing these!


  1. Hi, So glad you like all your goods. Everything looks rather wonderful on your site. Can't wait to see what you create wtih them.
    Thanks for all the support.

  2. Th shakers for glitter are so perfect and pretty!!!

  3. And though I know you're going to be here for crafting, still can't wait to see you! *see where the sister's rank in all of this?*


    Dee Dee

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time at Silver Bella ! If only we had events like those here in the UK !
    I`m loving the bible you received , lucky you ! And the others .. Wow ! They look too good to use !

  5. Of course you still make me smile:) Aren't Gerri's books just the best? And she is every bit as sweet as she is talented, I've enjoyed every minute we've ever spent together! Oh, and the goodies you got from Judy, how cool! I've been looking at it all, and jsut haven't ordered yet.

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    Thanks Debb

  7. What a wonderful collection, I too am a regular visitor to Judy's Etsy store, she has the most amazing things, I wondered who had purchased the Bible, well done.

  8. Doesn't Judy have lovely things in her shop? Hope you have a wonderful time at Silver Bella!

  9. LOVE the journal box you made! Hmm interesting concept.

  10. Glitter goes well with anything!!!

    Love all of your goodies.

    Can't wait to see your creations.

  11. Treasures...amazing treasures!!

    I am loving the little mosaic books....metals?? I will go explore!

  12. The trouble with this blog business is that it doesn’t work exactly like e-mail. I find myself wanting to post what it has been like, living here in the fourth world with these two damn dogs, while Stiffie is off hobnobbing at Silver Bella. But nothing I will write will be an exact fit for the existing chapter in Stiffie’s blog, nor in the next one. I can assure you that anything I write will certainly be incongruous for the her post which details the outrageous goings on of the Silver Bella event. Yet I feel the circumstances which have unfolded while Stiffie set off for this gathering are still part of the overall story.

    It is important to note that Stiffie regards me as a barely functional male suffering from undiagnosed brain damage. She claims that no one could possibly reach the conclusions I do, without having been dropped on their head repeatedly. For example, she left me in charge of these stupid plants in the upstairs bathroom. They are clustered around the jacuzzi like a portable jungle. There are six orchids that protest my living here by never blooming. These resemble sticks with one or two green leaves on them and require living conditions common to the Yucatan Peninsula. She has a little ivy vine that's best aspect is that it looks artificial. Then there is the bigger vine that belonged to her grandmother. This plant is about 40 years old and hangs like suspense in a gothic novel.

    All of these require water in varying degrees. Some have to be misted, and others have to drenched. The tool Stiffie uses for this is a little misting bottle. This requires refilling the bottle a couple of times and treating the plants like members of congress. Quite frankly, this gets to be too much for me. But I have discovered that you can water her entire collection -- from 50 feet away -- by using the water-pic on the bathroom sink. Simply switching the unit to “high” sends a pinpoint stream of water across the room into the kisser of the respective plant in question. This turns a tedious chore into pure fun.

    The same device is also useful for getting the attention of the dogs, who often return to sleep after getting me up. On the subject of the dogs, these are Stiffie’s “familiars,” whose sole purpose in life is to curse me while she is away. Take yesterday for example. I decided to make myself a little formal dinner, while thinking sentimental thoughts of Stiff. I set a dainty little table (using three sizes of silverware), while roasting a stuffed game hen. I made the mistake of straying out in the yard for an evening cigar. The highlight of my study of dusk as it filtered through the flowers was a German shepherd racing through the garden, trailing a tablecloth. He was assisted in this effort by a white mutt who understands that clemency requires a crime to be committed first.

    Silver Bella is over. Stiffie sent me a picture of herself in a cowboy hat, standing with a bunch of cowpokes in a saloon. Somehow, I thought Silver Bella would be different. There are times when I wish I could go places and she'd miss me. I once asked how long I'd have to be gone before she felt a longing for me. Stiffie said science has yet to calculate that distance or time.

    Fondest regards,
    The Lindbergh Baby
    “Accept No Substitutes”

  13. Oh Jack, you best get our Bella's castle in order before the queen gets home. And those dogs... Oy, it doesn't sound good. One doesn't like to return to a home in shambles as I am sure you are aware. You sound like one one heck of a smashing guy (or at least you write like one). Please tell the her majesty that one of "the fellow cowpokes" misses her already, and feels lucky to have made her acquaintance!

  14. owowowo!
    i came here to deposit comments
    jack's laundry list
    of watering responsibilities...


    i am almost speechless
    and paralyized with concern
    over the grandmother's plant.


    H2o it properly, please,
    let me know you did...

  15. hope that your trip was fun-filled - heard great reports from sis...

    xox - eb.

    ps - as always fab stuff here Stiffie...

    xox - again - eb.

  16. Jack - spraying seems to be a skill specific to...

    xox - eb.

    and very best regards to the grandma plant...

  17. Hey....are you still in Omaha, Leslie? ha! Wasn't Silver Bella the best!!!!!!!