Saturday, November 17

Silver Bella

Gosh, it's been an entire week since Silver Bella wound down, and I'm just now posting about the event. What a fun time! I can't tell those of you who attended a single thing you don't already know, but here are some pictures!Love, love, love Second Chance Antiques . . .Where else can you shop that they separate their vintage jewelry by color?Second Chance welcomer.Lee and I made a couple of great new "artsy" friends with Dede Warren and Vicki Grobels. Look up "fun" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of these two.Lee looked smashing in her cowboy hat.I "heart" Rebecca Sower even more now that I've met her.Teresa McFayden (Mrs. Bella) throws some glittery party.And Miss Megan -- a.k.a. Princess Lasertron. Is she not just the cutest? Loved meeting her and her lovely mother.

Also loved meeting cutey-pie Jill Assman, but I didn't take a picture. Darn. E.B.'s baby sister is a delight!Who could forget the divine Kim Kwan?I spent a few days in Omaha last week visiting with family after Silver Bella, but I'll save those pictures for my next post.


  1. Being one of the sister's she poured out virtual BAGS of stuff she had bought? I'll say she enjoyed Silver Bella's very much. And, as another thought, "Second Chance Antiques LOVES LOVES LOVES Leslie as well! ;)

    Dee Dee

  2. Oh yes! It was such fun! I've had a glitter hangover for days!!!! So glad you enjoyed your time here and got to be with your family. Such fun getting to know you!

  3. Thanks for publishing those great pictures of Silver Bella. I had a great time. If it wasn't for you, I never would've gone. Thank you so much!

  4. wowowow,
    that looks like so much fun!

    where is YOUR photo?
    i hope you were
    all sparkles, too.


    i want jewels
    the color of THAT cat's eyes!

  5. Sheeesh, you girls look like you had such a time! Like playing dress up!

  6. Leslie I can't wait to spend a whole weekend with you in May. I have a feeling your dear name is next to the word "true" in the dictionary. Or maybe even Rosie O'Donnell's definition of {{Yellow}}.

    See in 5 short months! Until then... lets make art!!!

  7. oh boy - wishin' I'd gotten a glitter hangover too - loved the virtual visit...

    yes Dede - true - so true...

    xox - eb.