Thursday, December 20

Christmas snapshots

This is what Christmas looks like here . . . finally . . .
This selenite egg is symbolic of Kiran -- arriving next month. The Christmas tree fairies are keeping watch.Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Leslie,
    Your photos are lovely. The lighting is so warm and inviting! Merry merry to you!

  2. wow - Leslie - this is so lovely - as only you could do...

    rich - radiant - joyous...


    now - what is the Christmas hurdle?

    xox - eb.

  3. oh the loveliness here...oh the feeling it gives of peace and family and joyous celebration! Wishing you a wonderful holiday dear Leslie!

  4. She moves through the house like “The Ghost Of Christmas Perfect.” Everything she touches shines, or glows, or radiates some holiday aura in a remarkable way that would lead one to believe this was the set for “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

    She pulls out strings of lights that never tangle. She points to shelves and little elves or china-faced dolls scramble to take their intended places. The Christmas tree stands at rapt attention like a mythical five-year-old, getting primped for a family function... Ramrod straight, and not a branch out of line.

    She follows a familiar pattern in her head that guides things to an approximate setting in the house... But it’s a setting that always changes a little from year to year. Last year, the life-sized Santa (if you are four feet tall) was positioned to watch and see if I was working at my keyboard every day. I whined about it. This year he is looking in another direction -- toward the refrigerator.

    The house is a maze of details. Antique birds sit in plushy nests, staring out from hidden corners. Elves doze in the soft glow of twinkle lights. Angels cast approving looks on the undeserving. Holly and garland snake around antique candlesticks.

    Yet nothing is overwhelmed. Well maybe I am.

    She moves through the house humming Christmas songs, trailing two dogs who pretend to help. I watch the little smile dance on her face, and realize she is thinking of the grandson soon to come. The present that needs no wrapping. She has been humming these same Christmas carols for all the years I’ve been with her. Yet for the first time in in 23 years, she is going to get the gift she likes best.

    And I am going to see the smile that reflects the essence of the first Christmas.

    May all your holidays be warm, and special.

    Jack Riepe
    Leslie's Paramour In Residence

  5. ahhhhhhhhh Jack - your beautiful comments have the same effect on me as a well played crystal singing bowl... a deep deep breath and a sense that all is right in the world...

    xox - eb.

  6. Merry Christmas to you, everything looks cozy and snug. Just the way it should be. Enjoy sweet friend,


  7. Howdy Doodie? I *love* Howdy!!! Your house looks so inviting and snuggly... have a wonderful Christmas - Deb

  8. yes,
    ~~just as it should be~~
    faeries watching over potential bundle of joy,
    **howdy doody** boppin' around
    to a bit of --jazzy santa is on his way--
    then some classical...

    looks like you are about ready!


    even got a writer/paramour-in-residence.
    man, you lack for nothin'

    sit back, look at the tree,
    drink some eggnog
    and enjoy!
    your work is done...

  9. Leslie, you take the most lovely photographs! Love these! Have a marvelous Christmas. cheers...tammy

  10. Happy~Happy Holidays to you Miss Leslie!!!

  11. Leslie, such lovely vignettes! Thanks for sharing them. Wishing you and yours the happiest of Christmases and a bright new year. xo

  12. i love the symbolic egg!! buon natale!!

  13. gorgeous photos, thanx for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful wonderful Christmas & a fab new year!!!

  14. Magical photos...I wish you and your a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  15. It's all so beautiful Leslie. The images, the music - I adore the angel!
    To you and your loved ones, I wish every happiness.

  16. Love your Christmas snaps! Hope you're having a blessed Holiday.

    Deryn M.

  17. What a man Leslie! Mine would sit on the sofa and say "huh? what?why?" if I asked him to comment on me,lol. Wish you could have seen my doggies face when I pulled out of his stocking a new toy,just like a childs eyes.