Friday, December 28

Father and daughter

"A daughter needs a loving, available, predictable father or father figure who can be counted on, whether divorced or at home. She needs his best paternal intentions, even if his efforts occasionally fall short. She needs his maturity and limit setting and sexual oppositeness, so that she can function with confidence in the wider world of adult love and work."
- Victoria SecundaJack's daughter, Katherine, came for Christmas, Part 3, on Wednesday evening. I was able to capture this shot of the two of them between coughing and blowing my nose -- results of my SECOND December cold.


  1. ahhh Lovely photo! Yes fathers can make or break a daughter.

  2. i am sobbing for joy at this image...i am sure she will treasure this for the rest of her life...hugs, r

  3. What a beautiful shot, what a beautiful girl. And I quite agree... all girls need their fathers.

  4. well...



    oh my...

    ohhh myyyyy...

    oh my gosh

    this is REALLY beautiful

    this is the madonna and child

    reversed - this

    just blows my socks off


    is a tribute to all of the beauty

    that I can even imagine

    this - is sooooo lovely

    Leslie - through your sniffles...

    and Jack and your lovely daughter

    boy - we are all pretty lucky

    you two are just gorgeous


    xox - eb.

  5. what a beautiful photo! I am sorry to hear you are not feelig well. This flu has been just awful this season. I love your holiday banner. You have the most gorgous puppy. Wishing you all the best for 2008!

  6. WOW what a Beautiful Photo Leslie,one to treasure thats for sure.
    Katherine is just gorgeous

  7. How amazingly lovely. Daddy and daughter... yes.. what a special relationship that can be.
    Happy New Year!

  8. yes, yes,
    what a beautiful photo!

    look at those great eyes...
    all 4 of them!


    but i must say,
    there seems to be a *special* twinkle
    in jack's eyes looking at you,
    am i the only one to see that?

    bet not...

    your SECOND December cold...
    don't even tell me that!


    i thought mine would never go away
    and then
    i woke up one day
    and kept listening
    for the cough that never came...

    hope by now you are in tip-top shape...

    [ i keep coming over here
    to look at the ~days~to~go~ baby widget! love it!
    looking for actual baby photo soon.]

  9. Lovely portraits - I feel your connection.

    Christma had to be beautiful in your home. Regards.