Sunday, January 13

Mail art and a pretty girl . . .

The past week has delivered such wonderful gifts to my door! First from my daughter Nicole. A package full of vintage goodies. Just look at all these yummy things! Do you see the adorable little aspirin tin? It's no larger than a postage stamp.And the cigar box was full of goodies too, including a little charm for my bracelet.Then yesterday, a decorated cigar box from my buddy e.b. over at Be . . . Dream . . . Play . . .Full of wrapped goodies . . .A journal made up of pictures from her blog and blank papers of all varieties."Don't make it precious," she said,"Write your grocery lists in it."Well, we'll see.It is pretty precious.She also included this little experiMINT packed in a York tin. Look at this adorable stripy stone from Lake Champlain tied in string and sealed with a B. "The strings that bind," I believe she wrote. I love those stripy stones . . .And e.b. has a thing for them too. Look what else came in that box! A stripy stone necklace! This piece was commissioned by Jack before Christmas, and it was a delight to find it among the treasures in my mailbox yesterday.Also yesterday, I had the pleasure of Miss Molly's company for some available-light portrait practice. Good golly Miss Molly! This girl simply cannot take a bad picture. Look at those eyes!


  1. well golly - let's start...

    with Miss Molly - wow -

    what a beautiful girl

    so well captured...

    by a loving eye - and patience

    no doubt...

    with all the lists

    we make in life

    they may as well be fun...

    and remind us of beauty

    and yes - those stripy rocks

    I hold many dear

    to my heart - and so happy

    that this one will

    be next to yours...

    and last but really first

    that treasure box from

    your dear treasure

    you can see...

    that she treasures you...

    as do I...

    xox - eb.

  2. you have really scored...and beautiful miss molly...those eyes could melt any heart...waiting for the babe news...blessings today, rebecca

  3. You have been showered...with such delights!!! All things beautiful....and ahh, Miss Molly is lovely as is the picture!!

  4. Miss Molly is beautiful and those lovely blue eyes look so kind a happy.
    You are lucky to have such good friends and family that send you lovely treasures.

  5. I love the box. the rocks and the book. Oh heck, I love it all. Thanks for sharing.


  6. All so beautiful Leslie, What light in Molly's face, and what lovely treasures that I can tell touch your heart...

  7. what a great bunch of loot! I too like that stripy stone, I haven't seen that before. That teensy~tiny tin is adorable.