Wednesday, January 9

Patiently waiting . . .

I guess that's easy for me to say.
Nineteen days . . . give or take a few . . . and we will be holding little Kiran in our arms. (We already hold him in our hearts.)The nursery is ready . . .And he may have enough to wear . . .

(Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. Your words mean so much. More to come on this subject, and perhaps a separate blog.)


  1. how exciting...a belssing indeed...hugs, rebecca

  2. ok - I'll start counting - wish my closet looked like that - and I love the white tree silhouette...

    you're not excited are you?

    and PIR - he won't be jealous will he?

    oh boy a new baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    lucky you

    xox - eb.

  3. Awww. I love the walls in the walls in the nursery!

    Soon Les. Hey? Do you have a grandma name yet? I mean, Nana, or such?

    If you're told me I don't remember.

    Sweetness comes very very soon~

    Dee Dee

  4. Love the room, they did a great job. Rosie looks like she really wants to play with those toys, hmmmm!

    So soon you'll be breathing those wonderful little baby smells, well MOST of them are wonderful anyway, LOL!


  5. Only 17 days to go and then you will be a Meemaw again :) How exciting!!!
    Is there anything as wonderful as a little baby coming into a loving home?
    I love the tree on the it a decal? Awwww!!! that little lamb looks so cute.

  6. Look at all those tiny tiny clothes!

    Did Meemaw do the painting?

    I'm excited for you....

  7. Nope, it wasn't me who painted the silhouette of the tree and the pugs, but it's cute, isn't it?

  8. A new life, a new baby, you're a lucky lady!

  9. we all wait with you...holding breath in joyful expectation!

    i love to drop by & see the days counting down on the baby counter :)

  10. How sweet is that pooch! I'm so excited for you all - such an exciting time. So funny... I'm planning on doing stripes in the nursery and a big tree too. :) Great minds.. Just *love* your blog Leslie!