Wednesday, January 30

A Place to Bark

Well, what was I thinking . . .I should have included a link to Bernie Berlin's web site A Place to Bark in my last post. Bernie's A Place to Bark and Meow needs a physical shelter built.

A Place to Bark is participating in a challenge being offered Six Degrees, partnered with the Case Foundation and Parade on America's Giving Challenge. The four USA charity badges that have the most unique donors through the America's Giving Challenge will receive $50,000 for their cause.The Challenge ends on January 31, 2008 at 3:00 pm EST, and they are soooo close! Swing by and help them out if you can.

If you've seen the badge on Bernie's site, you probably noticed that she has already raised the first $25,000 . . . The first $25,000 donated has become ...


And three days ago The Zoline Foundation made a second offer.

If Bernie can get the donations to $35,000 ... (Ten thousand more in less than a week)

...THEY WILL MEET IT DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR on top of the first twenty-five!

That's right. The offer is at $70,000!!!
All she needs is to get to $35,000 on the donation badge by 3 p.m. EST January 31. Plus don't forget, the top four badges will get $50,000 on top of this!As Bernie says: It's Win-Win!

* Photos are from Bernie's blog

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