Thursday, January 17

Say it with letters

I found these adorable letters at Damboise Designs, and decorated them for Kiran's room. Deb was so nice to work with, and she's expecting her own little bundle of joy!


  1. Wonderful did a beautiful job decorating them...what fun.
    I was reading the post below...lucky you that you met Karen Cole...I had the pleasure of meeting her, Susanna and Constance in September. It is such fun to meet blogger gals :)

  2. lovely letters Leslie - oh my alliteration - I love it - are you counting the hours? he will be arriving any minute now - are you sleeping?

    so exciting...

    and - how about an east coast blogathon as the weather warms...

    xox - eb.

  3. You must be so excited!!! The letters are great and say much more than a name!

  4. Your letters are lovely. You decorated them beautifully.

  5. Gorgeous letters , Leslie.
    Thanks for turning me on to this etsy site.

  6. nice letters....but better yet...that set of drawers! old library card catalogue????