Friday, January 25


I really didn't intend to get a second dog. I just started reading the posts on because of Atticus' hip dysplasia. Heed this warning: don't ever, ever go to the Urgent Rescue section in the GS forums if you don't want a dog.

One Sunday night I found Scout there. She had just ONE MORE DAY before she was to be euthanized. Look at this face, covered with Georgia ticks. Who could turn their back on this sweet mug? They claimed she was a "white German shepherd." Ummm, not so much.Scout came to us through transport. This is the most amazing network. On any given Sunday at a rest area in Newark, Delaware (and many, many other places along I95), you will find rows of cars and trucks lined up to transfer and transport dogs and cats to new homes and shelters -- leg by leg. All of these people are volunteers. For a while, Jack and I participated in these transfers.

Scout weighed just 45 pounds when she arrived, and she was afraid of everything.Today Scooter Pie weighs in at a hefty 85 pounds. She and Atticus are best friends, and she's a wonderful dog.I read someplace that female dogs protect their property, while male dogs protect their owner, and that is so true here. Scout alerts us to the UPS man who is putting strange objects on the front porch. She alerts us to the garbage men who are stealing our stuff from the curb, and she loves nothing more than walking the fence every morning and every evening.

When she first came to live here, Scout could jump the fence like an angel, and she could squeeze through the smallest hole to escape. I had the fence made higher, and the wire fencing buried, so she couldn't get out easily.Still, one day she escaped through an open door and ran down the street. My son went after her while I grabbed a leash. At some point she turned around and beat us both back to the house. It was as if it just occurred to her that she liked it here. She was at the door when we got home.

And yes Elizabeth. I do love dogs.


  1. Oh my gosh! I am crying.... thank goodness you and Scout were brought together. Oh my! Look at that beauty! Look at her and Atticus romping and kissing! Nothing in the world is better than the love and companionship of a furry friend!
    Bless your hearts!

  2. Dear Stiffie:

    You saved Scout from extinction and me from insanity. Regretably, I do not look cute running around in the yard or simply wearing a blue bandana. And the pictures you have of saving me were taken in bars, gutters, and the witness protection program.

    But as you pointed out to me yesterday, Scout has conflicted ears, and I have conflicted ideas.

    The Lindbergh Baby
    Your Paramour In Residence

  3. Leslie - do - DO you like/love dogs?

    I have fallen in love with Scout...

    and Luna is the perfect example of

    property protection...

    such a wonderful post - so much to

    respond to...

    I'll be back - I am distracted by

    this lunatic dog and my PIR...

    xox - eb.

  4. I have such a soft spot for Scout and Atticus, but how can you help loving such a wonderful pair?

  5. What a wonderful dog!!! We got a second dog the day after taking a donation over to the animal shelter. I mailed in the next donation because I just can't have three dogs!!!

  6. I love that dog AND this post - of course my sweet hearted sis is crying - softy that she is... what a beautiful batch of words and images - hey Scout! - we will see you soon - can't wait...

    xox - eb.

  7. oh dear - oh my - oh heavens to Betsy - Scout has a cute little French moustache just like Lulu...


    xox - eb.

  8. well, my goodness
    no new baby yet
    dogs galore!


    did you ~Draw On~ that mustache?

    that pup looks like
    hercule poirot,

  9. Oh Leslie.....

    What a great story. I will certainly heed your warning and stay away from that site. I am dangerously close to breaking down and getting another dog.

    Your dogs look extremely lovable.

    Love the winter whites.

    Jacks message is adorable BTW

  10. Lucky Scout that you found her and she found you!

    We were just talking amazing doggie tales this weekend, we are dog luver's too :) AND bandana accessorized pups!

  11. What a wonderful and heartwarming joining of two hearts! How beautiful Scout is, she looks happy and contented and very grateful! I wish more people followed this lead. Now that we have two cats (one we adopted and other adopted us) I still want a dog...we had our beloved Cherokee for 14 years and we still miss her. If we do get one again it will definitely be through adoption!
    Great photos too! You are a good soul.

  12. A wonderful story Scout looks happy and healthy in your loving care.
    I will stay away from that site...I adore dogs. I had two Pugs they were wonderful and we had 15 great years with them...Now we have one cat, Brie is a lovely little cat that brings us lot's of love.
    I shall be on the lookout for the wonderful people at the rest stops...I just love stories like that, it gives one a good feeling about people.

  13. OMG you are such a sucker! LOL I am convinced the dogs put their own ads in,lol. What a face no wonder you fell,good photographer she hired. I can just read her ad she put in. joking gf shes a doll! I try to stay away from online ads and I've already been beat out on 3 dogs.

  14. OH it just dawned on she a "winter white"?????

  15. Oh, I loved reading this post and finding another person who loves dogs as much as I do. Both of my dogs came from the animal shelter. In fact, the 2nd day after starting volunteer work at the shelter, I came home with our 2nd one. I know how hard it is to turn down those soleful little faces!

    It was interesting to read that the female dogs are the ones that protect the property. That is so true! My female, the 2nd one that we adopted, does exactly that. Whenever the neighbors dog comes out into their backyard, my dog will not let me get near their fence without barking excessively at the other dog (and making it a point to get between us).

    I'm so glad that you saved this wonderful animal from being euthanized and gave him such a loving home. Kudos to you!!

  16. Ohhh, I'm so glad I read this post tonight, Leslie. What an uplifting story! And look at the pure happiness on both the pups' faces as they squish together and then again on the grass. I hadn't heard of Petfinders before or their volunteer transportation service...what a GREAT cause. Bless everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to be a part of that.

  17. What a lovely story, Leslie! I am glad you save him for euthanize...Scout looks adorable and very happy. Blessed you!