Thursday, January 31

Taking our sweet time, and Crusade No. 16

You may have noticed that Kiran's widget over there -------> is gaining in numbers. I was sort of hoping there would be fireworks on his due date and then a countdown of the days LATE he is.

No fireworks and no countdown, unless you count the numbers on the widget that keep getting larger.

Still, we really thought he was about to make his appearance last night. Kim went into labor around 1:30 a.m. this morning and spent four hours at the hospital before her contractions eased and they sent her home. I have awakened Jordan twice today checking on her status, and I refuse to call again. (I've lost circulation in my fingers from sitting on them.)So, I put my numb, idle hands to work and created a journal page for Michelle Ward's Crusade No. 16. We're working on a "not late, just taking our sweet time" philosophy here.I first posted this picture in December 2007. I set up this little scenario on my Christmas tree. The egg in the nest was symbolic of Kiran, and the waiting fairies . . . well, the rest of us.Today's journal entry looks like this. I would have scanned it, but my scanner is not speaking to my new operating system -- Leopard -- and it seems like they may never come to terms.

My next post will undoubtedly include ten little fingers and ten little toes.



  1. Leslie - thanks for joining in the Crusade! Fun to see the picture you posted earlier, then transformed into a journal spread with your handwritten thoughts written over top. Very cool!! Perfect timing to be reflecting on the precious 'egg' as you anticipate the 'hatching'. Glad to have you playing along! Sending good wishes and a little patience as you sit by the phone :)

  2. Oh, little Kiran must be so anxious to join you all too!!!

    Thinking of you all!!!


  3. Oh Leslie - you are breaking my heart - just love this and how you tucked it in - in the final hours - surely Kiran is watching and giggling like those little elves and getting ready for his sweet Grandmother's arms - so warm and ready...

    xox - eb.

  4. This is so beautiful, Leslie! So warm and inviting... waiting patiently... well... sort of, for the first glimpse of your sweet Kiran. Won't he love looking at this page in your journal some day...
    Can't wait to hear of his arrival. Hold on sweet Grandma... he will be here soon!

  5. What a great post! Love your writing on the pages, LOVE your outlining of the images! Gorgeous!

  6. Congratulations, I hope there's good news by now! And may I say you do not look like a "Meemaw" to me! You look like you're barely out of college!!! Lovely artwork, so glad you shared with us... and I really like your philosophy of life... I'm going to have to write that down. All my best, K.

  7. i have been coming here first thing every day over the last week or so...i am holding my breath in joyful expectation of that wonderful announcement!