Wednesday, January 23

Winter Whites Wednesday

is today's Winter White subject.

If you had witnessed what it took to get this photo of Scout, you'd probably laugh. Something happened to her sometime in her life before she came to live here -- or maybe she's just a freak -- but regardless, she doesn't like the camera. And anytime I point it toward her, you'd think I had a gun.

You may be able to make out Atticus' legs in the background of this picture. That's because he ran her down, tackled her, and kept her pinned for this photo, which I shot from across the yard with a telephoto lens. The adorable, wide-eyed look on her face is actually terror. But around here, we kind of think that's cute.


  1. I love this Leslie - and the story that accompanies it - there was a year when I did portraits of women and their dogs... I can really appreciate "what it took"... dogs can be very uncooperative when you see a photo op...

    Scout is adorable

    my days have become the dance of the dervish whites - this is so fun...

    xox - eb.

  2. Nice photo and funny story. Our dog is a model - he likes it!

  3. Dear Stiffie:

    You choose the subjects of your pictures with so much care. Then freeze color, light, and emotion in an instant that will will last forever. I am always challenged to put into words the effect your photos -- and your craft -- has on me.

    I am also amazed at the at the way you choose "le mot juste" in replying to the subjects of my new blog. Your words to me today were very inspiring. They added a new thread in the fabric of my being. I quote:

    " Leslie said...
    It was so cool of you to include the photo of me and the lunch girls in this post. We're looking forward to drinking your blue ass under the table this weekend.

    January 23, 2008 4:42 PM"

    I am so touched. There is never a dull moment being your paramour in residence.

    The Lindbergh Baby

  4. Too funny! Love the pic though.


    Wish Jack would allow all us lowly people who don't blog the opportunity to comment on his blog, hint, hint

  5. had to see your winter white photo and was delighted. a great shot! will check back tommorrow;)

  6. I love, love this photo and the story is great.
    My cat poses for photos her kitten years she would run the minute you picked up the camera...even when one had no intention of taking her picture.

  7. your dogs are beautiful.

    I was by last night and saw the wonderful "white" photos, but trying to get to all the blogs- some people started on Monday- I was catching up.

    but, tonight, I browsed and enjoyed.

  8. Love the story and the picture. Poor Scout, will she ever get over being terrified? She has such a perfect life since she has been rescued.

  9. I love this image of Scout - back again...

    xox - eb.

  10. I always forget how big her ears are!

  11. i was wondering how you got him to lie down in the snow!

  12. Scout, you little cutie patutie (aka: scaredy cat!)
    I Love your photos Leslie!

  13. This photo is Amazing!
    Cute Overload must see this!

    Sandra Evertson

  14. Great photo of Scout but the story just MaKES it!!!

    Jack has a blog??? Must go find your link...

  15. Scout wins the prize for cutest winter white!! You win the prize for taking the photograph!!
    Seriously. I have a think about animals. Is it ok if I print your photo and pin Scout on my wall??


  16. Very sweet. It's not easy to get good dog photos. They have other priorities!

  17. awwwwwwwwwwww love the new blog top too just awwwwwwwwww is all I can say right now!