Friday, January 25

Winter Whites Friday

Today's Winter Whites submission is The Elements of Style Illustrated by Strunk and White, and illustrated by Maira Kalman. The illustrator pulls lines from the text and uses them as captions to her wonderfully whimsical paintings. This updated manual actually makes grammar fun!

* Photos from Barnes &


  1. oh how I love Maira! - would that I could think, paint and live as she does - and Elements of Uncertainty - certainly one my favorites...

    Leslie - do you like dogs?

    (ps - that whisper of White - well you know...)

    xox - eb.

  2. I am loving these weeks of whites in my favorite places! Just beautiful Leslie...

  3. so funny!

    i just ordered this book
    for our library!


    isn't it grand...

    [[ i am checking
    your baby widget
    ~*good things to come*~
    everyday now ]]

  4. I love this book, love Maria and her late husband Tibor. I'm enjoying your winter whites and dog tails, I mean tales.(maybe both!)