Monday, January 21

Young Yogini

I had the opportunity to shoot more photographs of Jack's lovely daughter Katherine yesterday. I took more than 100 pictures trying to bend light for my portrait class, and at one point, Katherine -- PR and marketing manager for a New Jersey bank by day and yoga instructor whenever she can be -- blossomed into her young yogini self. Even though it's overexposed, this is one of my favorite shots of the day. She's smiling at her dad.


  1. can I borrow her for a bit, I'd love to {{Strike a Pose}} like her!!! bravo cute girl, bravo. brains & beauty are the perfect combination!!

  2. wow - what a sweet and gorgeous girl - she radiates - I'm inspired - and no wonder she is smiling at her Dad - I'm smiling too...

    xox - eb.

  3. Very successful photo! My congratulations!
    The alive photo is better, than 1000 photomontages!

  4. sighhhhhhhhh if we only knew how lovely we were when young and vibrant as you made her look,and as she is,I am sure!