Wednesday, February 13


What better Valentine than a new baby?
I love Gerri's work in polymer clay and book-binding, so I bought an instructional book, watched a video, and learned how to do Coptic binding . . . sort of.

I thought that Jordan and Kim could collect their thoughts about Kiran and the milestones that he will so quickly pass in this little back-to-back journal.


  1. Leslie - this is gorgeous! - what a lovely creation for the new Creation and his proud parents - and aren't they all lucky - well and you too of course - now I want to learn how to Coptic bind - such a great job you've done! - good for you...

    xox - eb.

  2. Wow, you did a great job with your binding Leslie! It looks fabulous. Great work, and a great gift too.

  3. good job! is this your first binding? yours look a bit different than mine because you used single needle coptic and i use paired needles. so for 6 stations of stitching i use 6 needles at the same time. you did an excellent job and what a creative way to start out!

  4. This is so lovely! That binding and the sweet bag, oh I love things like this! And you are right, no better Valentine than your sweet Kerin!!!

    Spring flowers to you and all you love!


  5. Awesome Leslie, great idea and lovely coptics - need to learn that one myself. Where was that instructional video???

  6. It's a BEAUTIFUL book!!! Where did you find an instructional video on it? You did such a good job, I'm impressed!

  7. These are just wonderful, and what a great idea to capture their thoughts...