Tuesday, February 5

How many babies can you fit into a cigar box?

My mother lives half-way across the country, and she doesn't use a computer. Most of the time, Mom is perfectly happy without e-cards, eBay and blogs. In fact, I don't think she really understands how any of it works.But with a new baby around here, she is pretty eager to see pictures. Ever since I discovered mail art, it's difficult to just send pictures. So I made a little book of photos for Mom, printed out a label, and slapped it on a cigar box.

And that's when I saw it!I just love when that happens.


  1. Cute!! Is anyone ever underwhelmed by your little crafts? They're always so neat! Very cute idea with the cigar box. 60 babies in a box, how uncomfortable for them.

    Hope all is well with you, J, K, and new baby K!

  2. 60 Babies...that is such fun. You cigar box is wonderful...your Mother will be so happy to see photos of the baby.

  3. Beautiful gift for your mom , Leslie.

    I think though, that whatever you put that babies picture on it would be beautiful

  4. So nice!!!! She will love it so much! They miss so much by not being on line,her with your wonderful blog. I keep seashells in a cigar box that I covered in a sea scene. Love keeping it on the sunporch and pulling out shells to look at them.

  5. oh BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

    way cool - WAY COOL!!!!!!!!

    brilliant Granny - brilliant...

    xox - eb.

  6. Oh boy! How sweet! What a great idea... great-grandmama will love it!

  7. passing through on my way (late!) from the polar fetival. What a sweet baby - your whole family is blessed. and yes - you've GOT to love when random things like that happen 60 babies LOL!