Wednesday, February 27

It's good to meet new people and try new things . . .

My father turned 75 on Monday. In addition to celebrating his big day -- okay entirely -- he was here to meet his great grandson. To commemorate the day, we saw Kiran in the afternoon, ate, saw Kiran, slept, ate, saw Kiran . . .

I think he had a good time. Tomorrow he's going skiing. I want to be Dad when I grow up.After my guests left in the afternoon, I started on my fatbook pages for Art and Soul.I've been thinking about these for some time, but it took a visit from a good friend and an unlikely find from a local store to really put me in the mood. Actually, it was the visit from Monica that inspired me. No pictures of her, but this stuff is pretty cool and might be inspiring to you.Tattered Angels. I just like the name. And I love what it does to paper!I took a break from the fatbook to color some of my journal pages. I wonder how this stuff would look on my walls . . .I've heard that blue hands are all the rage right now . . .


  1. Love your fatbook pages! I hope we're in the same group... I'm in the first set of people.


  2. poo... I just checked and we're not in the same swap group :(


  3. I've been following your postings and love what you've done with the journal, the altered books, and the photos of it all. Congratulations on your new grandson and Happy Birthday to your dad. (Arden turned 70 on Saturday so we've been celebrating too but didn't have any greatgrands to help. . . maybe some day.)

    Pam in FL

  4. Blue hands...yes, all the rage! I adore the blue and browns here, the shell image cutting away to the metal piece? The paint/stain does amazing things.....well, this piece is wonderful.

    Beautiful photo of your father and Kiran....

  5. Dear Stiffie:

    I am the man in the kitchen covered under all the art stuff. I had just poured myself a drink last night, when I heard this strange rumbling. The door to your "studio" gave way and I was covered by a tsunami of clay tiles, glitter, multi-colored liquid, shrinking chemicals, bits of paper, mica, asbestos, and U238, which is apparently used in coptic binding.

    When I tried to yell for help, a crop duster buzzed down and sprayed me three shades of blue with a fine copper tint. Both dogs got it as well. What kind of art am I supposed to be? Will I be put on exhibit or sold at auction?

    I had breakfast this morning sitting on a pile of art paper, using a clay-press for a table. Every other surface was covered. The kitchen looks like an art flea market that was blown up by terrorists. Can I pick the colors I get to be sprayed with next? (I'd like something red that matches my motorcycle.) This is exciting.

    All my love and affection,
    The Paramour in Residence
    --- The Lindbergh Baby (Jack)

  6. I Love your page!


  7. I love the colors. Appears I missed quite the fun time last night.


  8. well, i had a comment & then i read jack's! i could not stop laughing! he really adds a certain dimension to your blog :)...

    your daddy looks so very proud! enjoy every moment...i wish my parents were still here to see things like great-grandbabies.

  9. well...

    this is certainly worth coming out of hibernation mode for...
    1) your handsome and love filled Dad
    2) Kiran - repeat 20x...
    3) these pages and surfaces you told me about BUT - I HAD NO IDEA - how beautiful - how beautiful!!!!!
    4) can I sign up for a workshop?

    love oozing over here at snips...

    here is some of mine...

    xox - eb.

  10. Jack - I think an iridescent blue PIR is the way to go - and dancing buff with a little kurta - Krishna-like... yes - that is what I am envisioning - oh joy!

    oh Jack!

    xox - eb.

  11. Wow Leslie,
    Happy Birthday to your Papa! He is a handsome man and looks happy in the photo with Kiran.
    This turned out great! The colors are my favorite, and the texture and sentiment moves me. Like you, I am a big fan of the ocean and the peace it brings the soul. (I am a water sign).
    Thank you and Monica for the hot tip tattered Angels! It really looks AMAZING on your piece. It really set the mood, and pulls all the elements together.

    Have a creative day. I'm looking forward to one.

  12. great colours love that angel stuff too.

  13. I've got to get me some of that!!!!

    It looks great, Leslie.

    Beautiful piece
    great photos
    love the comment from Jack.....yes, yes

    found another old book and paper place nearby

  14. That picture! It just melts my heart!

    Love the new project. Great work! Makes me want to go play with paper.

  15. PLEASE come tell me more about the fatbook! I am hooked on fatbooks in the yahoo groups I sign up often for them. We all should do a round robin of swap pages one day huh?

  16. Leslie-- wanted to send a HUGE congrats to you for your feature in the latest Artful Blogging issue--- you must be THRILLED!

    VERY well deserved. Congrats to you! :)

  17. What a handsome man... oh those dads... you look like him you cute girl!
    Love your pages... the colors are so rich and divine!
    That Kiran... he's growing! Such a beautiful baby.... enjoy!

  18. Hi Leslie...your pages are incredible and I am so going to hunt down and get me some Tattered Angels!

  19. Oh Leslie this is just so awesome,
    What A great photo of your dad just beautiful

  20. one of my favorite
    ee cummings'
    and there it is!

    on your fatbook,
    in your blue hands...


    i love how i never know
    when *good things*
    will just turn up,
    just turnip.

    just wash up
    on the shore of Bloglandia
    as i stumble
    out of the sea

  21. Fantastic page, Leslie!! Love the layers, details and colors. Less than 40 days to go till A and S. I hope we are in the same the book!
    Susan Sager Brown

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