Saturday, March 8

Photoshop . . . It's a beautiful thing

I found a tutorial in the December issue of Photoshop User magazine for extracting a photo's background and replacing it with a studio background. Oh boy! I will never tire of this stuff!


  1. Leslie, your art and photography is just amazing...

    Happy belated birth day to your sweet father, what a gift to hold his great grandson. This picture touches my heart in many ways...

  2. I remember the original of this photo. The studio background made a good picture even better.
    Oooooo!!! I do love seeing that beautiful baby...and your Father is a very handsome man...I love the look on his face...pure happiness and love.

  3. Let's trade. I'll teach you what I know, you teach me.

    I want to learn photoshop....NOW. ....I'm going to ski a run first. Come join me.

  4. I want to join Karen in that class! I'll teach you how to make a hat, or trade you a hat for it!