Sunday, March 2

Road trip . . .

It seems that these days always find me in search of a photo op, so Saturday we jumped in the car and headed down to Delaware's tidal salt marshes via the state's delightful Route 9.
Our first stop was the sleepy little town of Taylor's Bridge, where I found two things of interest -- the Taylor's Bridge School, which hasn't been used as a school house since 1949. These days the building serves as the town's community center. And the Reedy Island Rear Range Lighthouse. The lighthouse is currently automated and the old lightkeeper's dwelling burned in 2002, leaving just the wooden barn you see in this picture.

Next we drove on to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Leipsic where we found thousands of snow geese taking advantage of the park's 12,000 acres of tidal marshes and briny swaps. And this beautiful fat fox hoping for an easy dinner.It was with a heavy heart that we left the area at sunset, but we will be back!


  1. what atmospheric photos! - we have geese sightings as well this time of year - and oh that red fox! - my totem animal - did you wave and say "hi" from eb?

    what a splendid road trip - thank you for the ride and the views...

    xox - eb.

  2. Beautiful pictures. They evoke such....quietness.

  3. Your photos are wonderul, really have a sense of the quiet beauty...


  4. Lovely pics! I've driven that road a time or two myself, although it's been many years.

  5. I love road trips. The camera is certainly a magnifying glass on the world, isn't it?

    Great photos. I love the boat, especially.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful photos!

    I have been thinking a road trip is exactly what i need right now myself...

    Thank you for your very kind words Leslie...


  7. What stunning photo's just beautiful

  8. Wonderful photos...I love the snow geese.
    This area is practically in my back yard. I feel a road trip coming on...that feeling always comes when I have spring fewer.
    How is that wonderful baby?

  9. Wow!! A Fat Fox! I just LOVE fat foxes! Thank you for all the photo ops! esp. the fat foxy!

    Looks like a wonderful relaxing sojourn!


  10. ps Speaking of foxes, want to pay my respects to Atticus and Scout too!

  11. Love ly photos the boat one is so appealing.

  12. I loved joining you on your road trip!
    I also loved the photo of your father.
    What joy children bring us.
    So happy you will be posting doors on Wednesday.
    I'll add you to the list.
    All best wishes

  13. my husband almost took a job in central DE 10 years is such a beautiful place. your road trip photos are just gorgeous!

  14. Sometimes I can raise my value as the resident paramour through a suggestion, backed up by a little activity. I love the road, the message it sends through the handlebars, and the abrupt changes that can occur within a few miles. Living here puts us in easy proximity of three distinctly different coasts, the rural purity of the Amish, the serrated ridges of the coal valleys, and the strange pastoral peace of two Civil War battlefields. Driving 50 miles in any direction brings a change in terrain, cuisine, and architecture.

    My passion for the road brings me to a different corner of this small world every weekend. My contribution to Stiffie’s art has now become showing her some of the remarkable things I find. And in doing so, I have become the sorcerer's apprentice. Driving the car, I get to watch her pick out the details hidden the mosaic around us. To some, the object is a wrecked boat. To Stiffie, its a the blue of the water contrasting with faded blue paint of a craft named “Angel,” framed by a marsh. That boat was in view for two seconds, from a narrow bridge that wasn’t sixty feet long, that I hit at 50 miles per hour.

    In that instant, I could hear the shutter click in Stiffie’s head, but couldn’t see what she did.

    An hour later, I raced the sunset to catch the last special minutes of the day’s most unique light. A drift of snow geese in a distant field caught her eye and I tried to get as close as possible. “Stop the car,” she said. To our right was an endless field of stubble, broken only by a solitary farmhouse and a small red barn. She pitched her camera and tripod with one practiced movement, glanced at the sun, and froze the landscape forever in her lens.

    I studied the scene. The barn was plain, with a little cupola topped by a weather vane. The house was a narrow, two-story affair, like a few dozen others we’d seen that day. What was Stiffie looking at? (I know better than to ask. If you have to ask, then you don’t get it. If you don’t get it, she might as well drive alone.) The focus of the picture, was the shadow of the barn, cast on the side the farmhouse, with the exquisite detail of the weather vane carried over in black silhouette. And this was a quarter of a mile away.

    “I didn’t think you’d seen that shadow,” I commented.

    She turned and smiled at me in that special way that said, “You’re just checking to see if you got it right, Buster.”

    An hour later it was as dark as pitch. Stiffie and I were warmly ensconced at the bar of a country tavern, sharing the kind of dinner that would have counted as foreplay ten years ago. You see, I have an eye for country saloons too.

    The Lindbergh Baby
    Paramour In Residence

  15. Lovely photos... beautiful sights. I am thinking a road trip might be in order! Your photoshopping has become a fun hobby hasn't it! Love the new background.

  16. These are lovely pictures and give a good flavour of your area.