Sunday, April 27

Getting ready . . .

Oh yes! Hampton, here we come!
Putting together a journal to capture all the memories and pictures. . .
Trades to swap with all my friends — new and old . . .
Stuff that I might need. . .
Lots of stuff.

Sunday, April 20

A jar full of fireflies . . .

This past weekend the pope was in New York City; Barack Obama was in Paoli; Hillary Clinton was in Conshohocken; but Judy Wilkenfeld was in Harleysville.

So that's where I was.

Joy, Judy, Karen, Kathryn, me

Two years ago I didn't even know what a blog was. One year ago I started my own. Today I have friends from all over the world that I know through blogging — some of them I've met. Over the weekend I met some more. All of them artists. All of them blow me away with their work.

Saturday the group you see above went junking under the guidance of Karen Cole First stop: the Barn Attic in Harleysville, Pennsylvania.

Avon presidential perfume bottles anyone?

I've never seen so much stuff, so well organized . . . ever!

Their business card claims that they carry 40,000 pairs of earrings. I can believe it. And I bet that the owner knows the story — and the location — of each pair.

Next stop was The Archive — 10,000 sq. feet of used and antique books, magazines, newspapers and paper collectibles. Oh my! We spent almost four hours there and came away with some wonderful finds.

You are probably thinking that it can't get any better than this. But it does!

A few phone calls between blogging buddies, and 24 hours later, the very talented and very gracious Judi Riesch and her husband opened their home to nine artists (well, eight artists and me) on Sunday. Not only did they feed and entertain us, but Judi also gave us a tour of her artwork and collections that are displayed beautifully throughout the house.

Judy Wilkenfeld's "The Twelve Tribes of Israel"

When Judy W. pulled out her fabulously giant piece of art The Twelve Tribes of Israel, we were all engrossed by her explanation of the work and the reasons she used the elements that she did in the enormous book. I have been a huge fan of Judy's since I first visited her site. Not only is her work beautiful and powerful, but the knowledge and detail that drive her leave me in awe every single time. So, meeting her and seeing this work in person . . . touching it . . . well . . .

(Pause for squealing and happy dancing)

And THEN, Bee Shay brought out her work. I fell in love yet AGAIN. Beautiful organic work -- right up my alley. Wouldn't you know that when my May/June copy of Somerset Studio arrived today, there was Bee's journal -- the one I'd just seen -- on page 37!

Michelle, Susanna, me, Bee, Judy, Kathryn, Judi, Karen, Joy and Jerri.

I'm still pinching myself.

Blogging. Who'd have known?

Saturday, April 12

"Master Louis, where have you picked up so many trifles?"

"Do we make the most of the objects which surround us — do we extract from them all the information, and all the innocent amusement which they are capable of affording?"
— From the preface of "Flora's Dictionary by a Lady"
published in 1829
Apparently, attribution was not so important in 1832 when this book was published, because I had to search for the author of the above — Elizabeth Washington Gamble Wirt (1784-1857). But what a delightful book she put together, in Baltimore?, in 1829.
I even found a couple of pressed flowers in my copy. I really love to think that they may have been there since the book was published.I ventured out to Baldwin's Book Barn today looking for an appropriate cover for my Nature Preserved Journal class with Tracie Lyn and Marilyn Huskamp at Art and Soul Hampton next month.I think I've found the perfect cover . . . and all sorts of other treasures.
Look at the author. Gotta get rid of him!“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”
—Italo Calvino

Wednesday, April 9

From Hand to Hand to Hand . . .

Inspired by the beautiful handbag that came in the mail from e.b. on Monday, I created this blank (almost) journal page for my good friend, inspired by another good friend -- Karen Cole. Karen showed me (well, she told me, as I missed the "class") how to turn copper flashing into art.

Coming your way e.b.!

Monday, April 7

More Faces and a "Hand" Bag . . .

Paige is another niece -- my youngest sister's daughter.
I love this shot of her in black and white.And here with her mom, DeeDee.DeeDee and her dogs.
Oh, the Nebraska crowd . . . I miss them so much when they are there and I am here.And my "hand" bag that came in the mail today from e.b. Could you not just squeal? I did.

Thursday, April 3

This Face

Miss Shelby is my niece. She wasn't so keen on having her picture taken, but here she is, in a "good one." I love the glint in her eye.
Shelby has her own blog . . .Alyse
This is Alyse's "mean face."Thomas
My sister, Dani, the ringleader of this loving, wild circus, with Alyse.