Sunday, April 27

Getting ready . . .

Oh yes! Hampton, here we come!
Putting together a journal to capture all the memories and pictures. . .
Trades to swap with all my friends — new and old . . .
Stuff that I might need. . .
Lots of stuff.


  1. wow - your STUFF looks so yummy - OMG!!!!!!!! girl - what am I gonna do ? - just tag along I guess - can't wait - tomorrow - today!

    xox - eb.

  2. SO - BEautiful!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  3. Holy cow. You are WAY more organized than I.

    You made all of those beuatiful things to trade???? I haven't done a thing about trading....sniff, sniff. I'm making my own "moo"cards as I ordered them too late. I am trying to fit my whole darn studio into the space of a bread box.

    My studio looks like a train wreck.

    My printer is coughing.

    But I am SO looking forward to seeing you and eb tomorrow, if I have to be up all night to finish, I will.

    Call me so I know what time we are getting together.


  4. gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!

    I'll be wanting to know how you made the fabric in the last photos (or is it paper????)

    Your trades are really special...I have not had time to create a single thing since last october so I am a little nervous about Art & Soul right now...I am way out of sync!

    See you soon!


  5. well, it looks like here is another thing
    i am going to miss
    so i am counting on yous guys
    over there to take TONS of photos!


    have the best time
    and know this---> your banner is fantastic!


    [[ i have been wanting to write that somewhere
    and here it is ]]

  6. SO Eciting! I can hardly wait, but glad I have the next day and a half to get ready. See you soonly!

  7. Have a great time! Wish I could be there. (Maybe one of these years when my kids are a little older :) Can't wait to see what you bring back!

  8. Look at your creations! Wow! I hope you have a fabulous, inspiring time at Art & Soul! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it after you return. :)

  9. Have a blast - without me - sob sob!!!

  10. Have a wonder filled time Leslie... oh to be there with you, eb, and Karen... sigh... may it be just the best time ever!!!!! XO

  11. WOw this looks AWESOME Leslie really stunning
    Enjoy yoourself

  12. Wowza, Leslie! What a fantastic journal! (you should be teaching it in class!) I hope you have a blast at A&S!


  13. Have fun! And take pics! And blog!

  14. Your journal looks very nice. sounds like you're going to have a good time and lots of pages to fill.


  15. As usual...your stuff is absolutely gorgeous Leslie! Are you going to A&S Portland??? :-)

  16. Fabulous images and objects you have collected here...cannot wait to hear of all the adventures you had!

  17. The fern prints are simply amazing... ink? fabric? whatever, they are really beautiful! Deb