Saturday, April 12

"Master Louis, where have you picked up so many trifles?"

"Do we make the most of the objects which surround us — do we extract from them all the information, and all the innocent amusement which they are capable of affording?"
— From the preface of "Flora's Dictionary by a Lady"
published in 1829
Apparently, attribution was not so important in 1832 when this book was published, because I had to search for the author of the above — Elizabeth Washington Gamble Wirt (1784-1857). But what a delightful book she put together, in Baltimore?, in 1829.
I even found a couple of pressed flowers in my copy. I really love to think that they may have been there since the book was published.I ventured out to Baldwin's Book Barn today looking for an appropriate cover for my Nature Preserved Journal class with Tracie Lyn and Marilyn Huskamp at Art and Soul Hampton next month.I think I've found the perfect cover . . . and all sorts of other treasures.
Look at the author. Gotta get rid of him!“A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”
—Italo Calvino


  1. wowie!!!!!!!!!

    look at your treasure trove - can't wait to see and hold these in the flesh - my my my - Leslie! - such lovelies... illustrated by Maxfield Parrish??????????

    oh boy...

    xox - eb.

  2. YUMMY things to use Leslie. LOL the name Weed. (Yesterday was so needed,thanks for thinking of me and that scenerio.) Hope it stays this nice,as it momentarily was.
    Hands were a lovely prompt,you are quite the collage artiste'. I had that hand page from awhile back it sure went with the fragile tape I had found. I can't wait to see more Leslie collages here. Have fun in VA for me.

  3. Serious score on those books...each and every one looks just perfect for altering or using in an altered creation. Can't wait to see how you will transform them!

  4. i have been trying to select my favorite one here
    and can't decide.


    did you buy all of these?
    man, i would have done the same thing.

    poor mr. weed!
    what a dreadful name.
    wonder did he get married
    and have a mess of children...

    ~~oh, look,
    here come all the Weeds~~
    they said at church on sunday.

    {sorry, but you know they did.}

  5. Leslie!
    What a treasure trove you brought home with you! The preface you quoted...just perfect!

    You are going to have an incredible time at Art and Soul!


  6. What a treasure trove of books you found! Makes me want to go out to our used books stores and snoop around!

  7. Oh boy, oh boy!!! Baldwin Book Barn. Can't wait to go there. Problem's tough for me to alter these beautiful things when I get them.

    Love your new banner!!!

  8. Very true. See, I had to come up with an item for a mental-health auction thingey, and of course, an autographed copy of Beach Music came immediately to mind.

    Certain books hold wonderful places in our hearts and minds.


  9. OH, those are beautiful books-what a find! Have you taken a class by Tracie yet? She's a friend of mine, met at another class, you're going to love her, she's a doll!

  10. Wonderful blog, I'm short on time, I'll be back to look around. Laurie