Monday, April 7

More Faces and a "Hand" Bag . . .

Paige is another niece -- my youngest sister's daughter.
I love this shot of her in black and white.And here with her mom, DeeDee.DeeDee and her dogs.
Oh, the Nebraska crowd . . . I miss them so much when they are there and I am here.And my "hand" bag that came in the mail today from e.b. Could you not just squeal? I did.


  1. what sweet sweet family faces - yes mine are out their in NE too - miss them all - your portraits are so gorgeous Leslie - you amaze and delight...

    xox -eb.

  2. What fantastic photos....

    and *squeeeeeeeaaaal* at the bag!!!!!!!

  3. I have come to the conclusion that everyone in your family is gorgeous...and that you are the most amazing photographer.
    Loooooooove the bag!!!!!

  4. love the photos and that hand on the bag - so great - looking forward to meeting up with you sooooooo soon!!!

  5. WOW! What a hand bag - love it! Want one too!

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