Thursday, April 3

This Face

Miss Shelby is my niece. She wasn't so keen on having her picture taken, but here she is, in a "good one." I love the glint in her eye.
Shelby has her own blog . . .Alyse
This is Alyse's "mean face."Thomas
My sister, Dani, the ringleader of this loving, wild circus, with Alyse.


  1. I adore the photos of your beautiful nieces and nephew...everyone in your family is so beautiful. You are a great photographer.
    Greetings from Southern NJ

  2. Beautiful kids and family! Thanks so much for sharing... I am auntie to 16 awsum kidlettes who are scattered all over this grand country so I know how proud you are of them...especially for the very, very entertaining smiles and expressions. love & blessings, Monica :)

    Lady Love Squared waves hello...soon to be on vacation in California...wish I was!!! -heh-

  3. LOL! Love the photos. Lovely-looking family.


  4. Gerat photo's! Cute faces too.

  5. your photos always blow me away..i have missed you...r

  6. what a gorgeous bunch!

    clearly it runs in the family...

    what a terrific photographer you are!

    gettin' ready

    and at last

    some GLORIOUS sunshine...

    xox - eb.

  7. You've become quite the portrait photographer, Leslie.

    Great seeing you today. Looking forward to our trip!

  8. Leslie,
    Your family it beautiful and your photo portraits are really stunning, they capture all the personality!