Thursday, May 29

Alaska Continued

A salmon flower in Homestead, taken on a photography excursion.
Abandoned building in Treadwell -- a burned out and abandoned gold mining community.
Tuesday's Tim Holtz workshop -- necklace made from Idea*ology pieces

White Pass Railway train in a May snowstorm

Glacier Bay

An "iced" glacier
Thursday's workshop -- mirror made from painted strips of Grungeboard - reminiscent of the boardwalks and colorful buildings in our previous port of SkagwayAnd there were whales -- Orcas. It was so difficult to capture a good picture, but I hope you can appreciate this one of the single surfacing whale (must have been 50 of them) and all the blows around it. Oh, and the birds feeding on the stuff that floated up after this feeding frenzy. Such a magical exit from the bay. (As with all my photos, you can see better if you click on the image to enlarge it.)


I took a boat excursion in Ketchikan (my favorite port) to view eagles, totems and lighthouses. Oh my!

Friday's project -- small book made from transparencies and Paintables, colored with alcohol inks
Saturday's workshop -- photo frame

Victoria, British Columbia
B.C. Parliament buildings in Victoria
Oh, what a wonderful combination -- Alaska's awesome scenery and art with Tim Holtz!


  1. Oh, Leslie! Looks like you had a wonderful Alaska art excursion. Your photos are awesome! Looks like a great time!


  2. I ALWAYS turn the music off on these blogs, but not this time. I LoVe the soundtrack! I also love the photo montage, especially the second photo of Glacier Bay, and the bald eagle. What a great experience! the classes are just an added bonus, to be sure. There's hadly competition with nature.

  3. Amazing incredible photos Leslie! I lunched with Melissa today and got to see her TH projects in person. Such marvelous projects!

  4. You definitely lead the life that dreams are made of, my new found friend.

    Yes, a cruise to Alaska and creating til you can't create anymore, that's the life for me.

    Your work looks wonderful. Inspiration at it's finest.

    When shall we share our ideas?

  5. You took really awesome photos on your Journey... and the classes you got to take with Tim... WOW...just a little envious over here, but thanks for sharing~it's better than nuthin'!

  6. Spectacular photos of Alaska and wonderful creations of your own!

  7. oh yes! - there I am - the middle totem image - oh Leslie - I am...
    in your back pocket here - oh such lovely images - yes - you do live the dream life...

    just lovely everything!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  8. Amazing photos, the art looks great. Huh... as if Karen can complan about her travels - lol! Both of you are such lucky duckies.

  9. Wowwwww Leslie,
    What an experience, what a trip! Those glaciers, that mouth is just hanging open here.


  10. Wonderful photos and projects. You muse have such great memories of that trip.

  11. Your photos are amazing as usual, Leslie. I want to be you when I grow up. Cruising with Tim, Alaska, and winning at cards!!!

  12. That blue ice is amazing saw some on the travel channel(my traveling)and I just love your book!

  13. These are GORGEOUS photographs, Leslie! All of them would make wonderful gifts or cards for people you love. You have a great eye!

  14. I love these photographs and it sounds like your experiences are also invaluable! I also want to visit Alaska.....