Thursday, May 8

I found my Art & Soul in Virginia . . .

e.b.'s suitcase and self-portrait

I really had no idea what to expect from my first Art & Soul when Elizabeth and I packed the car last Wednesday morning. I brought absolutely everything that I thought I might "need." I didn't use a tenth of the stuff I packed, but just having it there made me feel good.I am glad that I signed up for the Hampton "Fatbook." I was in the second book (only 28 pages), and I love the finished product. People amaze me with their ideas and interpretations! An ample motel-supplied breakfast fired me right through most lunch hours, but seven and a half hours still wasn't enough time to finish most projects -- at least for me. I think my favorite class was Michael de Meng's Morpheus Box, though mine (above) is far from finished.

I also loved my Nature Journal class with Tracie Lyn and Marilyn Huskamp, and I actually finished this project!
Karen, e.b., and Jerri

Perhaps most of all I enjoyed the sense of community I shared in Hampton with old friends and new.
Back row - Dede and Keli
Front row - me, e.b., Denise

Many folks might look at our week of "art camp" as a vacation, but it was exhausting.
And what becomes of the "broken arted" after too much beer?
Toilet paper art. That's what.


  1. wow - Leslie!

    - oh SO wonderful - still recovering from the total wonderment - I am envisioning sweet layered dreams tonight - thank you for this lovely sharing -

    xox - eb - I look pretty good as a towel head...

    thanks to you!

  2. Leslie - didn't we have a wonderful time?

    we did!!!!!!!!!!!

    xox - eb.

  3. How wonderful it is to relive the experience through your eyes, Leslie.

    I think they should use your toilet paper art photo for next years advertisement. Yes, sir!!!

    Your work looks wonderful!!

  4. Oh Leslie, you are my hero! You are fun, friendly, talent, and beauty all rolled up into one great girl! I am so glad se caught up in Virginia and can't wait to connect again in Oregon. First beer's on me!
    xoxo, Dede
    PS Have a fabulous time in the great northwest! Can't wait to see what you make there

  5. Leslie,

    I really enjoyed meeting you at Hampton. Your artwork is beautiful. Can't wait to catch up with you here in Portland.


  6. Leslie so glad you had so much fun! Wow yes I love your DeMeng style piece. Oh and love EB's self portrait and bags. Happy moms day!

  7. Boo Hoo - I wasnt with you guys!
    But glad you had a great time and your pieces look wonderful as always.

  8. Looks like you had such a good time!! Are you going to Art in Ashland too? I saw Dede's comment about Oregon....I am so excited to go to that..Aug can't get here fast enough!

  9. Leslie--I really enjoyed meeting you in Hampton this year. Hopefully we'll meet up again next time around.

    It was so great to see the photos you took--I've been having a tough time readjusting to real life...and your photos brought back what a wonderful time it was.

    But you're right--it was exhausting!

    Sandra Ludwig

  10. It's been such fun to read and see all of your posts, all you girls that attended.

    What an experience!!!

  11. Very cool! Sounds like a wonderful experience.


  12. Hi Leslie,

    I am really just now feeling better since I found out about our cat during the Art & Soul Retreat...It put a major damper on my experience...wish I had been able to be more social....

    I love what you made and I'd like to see more too...did you do The Vintage Metal Treasure Deck class? I would love to see what you made...your color schemes are so wonderful.

    Have a great day!


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