Saturday, May 31

It's My Birthday and I'll Post What I Want To . . .

Well, at least it was my birthday when these pictures were taken.

Several sweet members of my family (and some equally sweet friends) journeyed here for a milestone birthday. It was supposed to be a surprise, but (thank goodness) I got a warning. (You know you all appreciated sleeping on clean sheets.)Gosh, did we laugh. This is my mother and my aunt cutting up rough.

The ladies didn't just drop in; they threw a party on my behalf. I'm sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to take more pictures. This is one of many my father tried to take of some of the "girls" that night. He took several shots, and someone always seemed to have their eyes closed. FORGIVE ME LADIES, but this one is just too funny.Our instructions were to "KEEP OUR EYES OPEN this time."So here I am, still later, after I won at cards. I remembered to keep my eyes open, but I forgot to tuck my chin(s).


  1. You look FaBuLouS!!! It looks like everyone had a great time celebrating, I especially love the "keep your eyes open" shot! Too funny!

  2. well, looks like you
    won at cards
    won at have a wonderful family, too.


    i smiled
    because this reminds me
    of all the women in my family
    and how we smile
    and have fun
    when we are all together....

    we smile
    and whether there are 5 or 7 women
    there always seems to be
    twice as many chins!

    go figure!

    i think extra chins
    must be a result of extra smiles...

    what do you think?

  3. Well Happy Birthday dear Leslie!!! A milestone??? You must be 30... looks like a grand time was had by all. Now don't spend all your winnings in one place!

  4. Happy Birthday Leslie your like me Gemini double personality.Hope you had a wonderful day

    What a wonderful way to celebrate you life!! with the people that love you!
    I see beauty all around and fresh flowers too!
    Sorry I'm pullin up a day late and a nickel short. But at least I'm here now and wish you:

    May this be your best year yet!

    May you continue to inspire us and to be inspired.

    May you heart be filled to the brim with love and happiness!!


    I think I may know a few long haired Alsatian wolf hounds that are envious of the models in this new banner of yours! ;-) woof woof!

  6. Happy Birthday Leslie....... Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time taking lots of classes.
    You go girl!
    Keep havin' fun, Joy

  7. oh boy this looks like a fun party - oh how I would have loved to have been there to add a few extra chins - what a wonderful time was had by all...

    by the looks of it -

    happy birthday dear sweet and lovely Leslie...

    xox - eb.

  8. Darn it! Wish I could have been there. The group shot is hysterical. We are a "huggy" family, aren't we?

    It's a good thing......

    (hugs to the birthday girl)


  9. So,I guess that means you are 21 now. Playing cards for money and all.

    It looks like a grand time, Leslie.

    I am itching to post my next bunch of photos.....BIG TIME.

  10. Dear Leslie...Happy Birthday!!! A milestone birthday, hey I'm thinking they are ALL milestones at this point....

    The women in your family are beauties, lots of smiles.


  11. your blog is great....alaska sounds like it was over the top!!!


  12. Hi Leslie, Happy birthday!
    Yes, Taos is so very special, anytime you want to come out to visit just let me know.
    Love your blog, your pictures are amazing, I will come back & look at all of it when I have more time.
    It was such a pleasure to have you in my class.

  13. LESLIE!!! I am a few days late and dollars short.. but a MOST HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you dear Friend.

    I will have to tuck a surprise in the post for the birthday girl!!


  14. Happy belated Birthday girlfriend! They are all milestones since we never thought aging would happen to us huh? YOU WOOK MAVELOUS and now we are middle age? LOL! My biggie is next year,sigh. I woulda sent a Bday collage if I had your addy,email it to me please. Be glad you just have that chin,some have way more!

  15. buon compleanno, cara leslie (a bit late but full of good wishes)!!!! it is no surprise to see where you get your gorgeous smile! i hope your celebration is nestled in your heart for all times

  16. A belated happy birth day Leslie! What fun to share you with all those special people and for us to wish you all the best for this new year ahead of you! XO

  17. Happy belated birthday, Leslie! Looks like everyone had a terrific time at your birthday party.

  18. glad to see that you had a wonderful celebration. happy belated birthday!


  19. Bet you enjoyed your birrhday!!!!!!