Saturday, June 14

Takin' a Lickin'

First I left for Art & Soul Hampton, then for a cruise to Alaska, then we had company for my surprise birthday, and finally this last visit from Marissa and Jaycea, who went home this morning. During the past ten days we've been to the shore, to New York, to Washington, DC, and to the mall. We've gone out for dinner, out for ice cream, out for photographs . . .

And poor Atticus just didn't get it. Always a mama's boy, he was apparently pushed over the edge by all the activities of the past six weeks. He began licking . . . and licking . . . and licking his front leg. The vet told me it was likely the result of stress from separation anxiety. And while it may have started in his head, it has turned into a very real open sore on his leg -- a lick granuloma I've been told. He will be on antibiotics and wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt for the next fourteen days, and if he still won't leave it alone now that I'm home, we'll start him on prozac.

I kid you not.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Poor Atticus! Once, this happened to my cat. I do think it really is because animals don't understand where there people are, they get worried and this licking in one spot is a compulsive behavior.

    You're home now all will be back to normal now. Atticus looks so much like my dog Gretchen. Makes me smile.
    Thank you for stopping by. Karen told Susanna and I what an excellent time you all had at A&S.
    I had to hear everything!
    Have a nice night Leslie!

  2. Hi Leslie,please resend your addy...seems it got deleted by mistake! I have your Bday collage for you! HUGS Joy

  3. OH Poor Atticus poor baby He misses his mum.Im leaving for the states tommorow my dog cassie does the same thing just pine's away for me.They are just so devoted to us these beautiful animals,we would be lost without them

  4. i have heard of this stress thing.

    i think only the most
    of all pets do it.

    i have been meaning to tell you:
    when i look at atticus
    from the front like this
    his head looks like
    a big brown heart.


    { shhhh...from the way he poses,
    i don't think he knows
    he is a dog }

  5. Aw, poor Atticus! He missed you! I hope that the antibiotics work and that he starts feeling better soon.

    I am glad, though, that YOU have had such a wonderful worldwind over the last ten days. Alaska? Cool! Bet you took some pretty amazing photographs while you were there. Happy belated birthday, Leslie!

  6. oh Atticus - sweet baby - oh my - I can totally understand this behavior - Luna is SO protective of us - and when I want/need (remember the broken foot?) to leave - it is a very big deal - so far I'm not leaving until Sept. - for a Nina workshop in N.H. - but only for a weekend...

    hugging you big boy - much love from auntie eb...

    and will talk with you soon dear Leslie - hi Jack...

    cool green breezes from VT...

    xox - eb.

  7. Atticus will be fine when you're back with him.


  8. Dogs? Why do we love them so?

    Yea, I have one just like Atticus.

    Quit licking already!


  9. Hey Leslie,
    Sounds like your traveling life is calming down for a bit...maybe we could get together soon.
    Poor Atticus...I'll bring Grady when we get together and perhaps he can give him some sage advice. Grady has a Licking Granuloma scar from his life before us but I still catch him working it. His trigger is suitcases and boxes and until he knows he's going with me he'll keep licking.

    I've learned to just open the back door of the car and let him sit in there while I go about my business even if the trip is 3 days later. I leave the door open and he comes and goes as he pleases but it apparently gives him the security he needs until it's time to leave.

    It's also gotten better with the arrival of Ted, our recent (last year) adoptee.

    Some dogs just don't do alone well.

    Hope to see you soon!