Sunday, July 27

Cassie is Cute . . . and Lucky

Cassie is a rescued beagle who has landed in heaven. A few months ago, she was pregnant and on death row. J's cousin and her guy adopted Cassie in May, and life will never again be like it was for her. Don't you just love the way her ears drape over her paws? Couldn't you just squish her, squeeze her head off, and dangle her from your rear view mirror?


Have a happy life sweet girl. I know you will.


  1. welll

    someBODY over here
    has been watching too much
    american idol,




    how would i know?

    {{ i think you should draw this lucky dog
    into your journal, yep, i do.
    i hate to be bossy but
    go draw cassie
    and then show us,
    why don't cha?
    you know you want to }}

  2. girl, you are way too talented with those pastels, I would just have a big gray blob on my clothes, LOL!
    Kute Kute Kirin, and beagle, you are surrounded by cuteness!

  3. She is a lucky girl for sure! We have a beagle as well, and they are as good natured and sweet as can be... but boy oh boy can they be a handful too. Here's hoping this sweet miss has found her forever home!

  4. and here I'd thought you'd added to your menagerie!
    I'm glad I clicked onto the quote - I was a little disturbed at what you had written until I saw that you were quoting Paula! now there's a woman who's not running on all 4 cylinders!

  5. This is the BEST news. THIS makes me HAPPY! Lucky, lucky Cassie and Lucky J & her guy too!!


    I LOVE DOGS!!!
    Cassie's a cutie!

  6. That's one lucky pup...but I dare say that J and her guy are pretty lucky too....

    what IS it about these dogs, that just grab your heart!


  7. Ok Leslie, what are you doing to me here?

    You have so much going on here that I HAVE to comment on.......adorableness PLUS!! The dog, the grandchildren, not necessarily in that order :-)

    Your journal pages look amazing. Good thing you found those pastels!!!!

  8. yeah - I was thinking - ANOTHER!!!! dog!?!

    whoa Leslie you are posting outside of my...

    ok - cold, parents arriving...

    but this is heart food...

    and keep the pastels girl...

    take them EVERYWHERE you go...


    that J thing does find you...

    xox - eb.