Friday, July 18

Two wheels move the soul

"Four wheels move the body.
Two wheels move the soul."
I moved on two wheels (on the road or sitting on my Honda Shadow Aero in the garage) for three years.I bought this bike on a whim. A scenic trip across the country took me through Sturgis, South Dakota, during the Sturgis Bike Rally week. I thought it was fate. I wanted to be one of those independent, bandana-clad women in chaps I saw on those vibrating machines in South Dakota! I went home, passed the Motorcycle Riders' Course, bought my Shadow and shivered in the garage at the thought of riding her on the road.And then I conveniently developed vertigo, which kept me not only from riding, but from driving as well.I kept that beautiful white Shadow in the garage for three years, hopeful that I would regain my balance and again tackle the open road on two wheels. A mere 800 miles we shared, Shadow and me. No trips to Sturgis. No twisties on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No rallies. (Chaps and bandanas, yes.)

I sold my Shadow this summer. I'm not sure how my soul is going to get around now.


  1. GET OUT!

    you moved your soul on two wheels once
    and you may again, missy.


    i think you need a bicycle.
    an all-terrain dirt bike,

    i have a
    Huffy Good Vibrations Beach Bike,
    which is soul enough for me.

    twisties in the beach sand rock!

    {{ perfectly frame*able photos, as always }}

  2. gorgeous photos of a glorious bike!

  3. Sorry to hear... she was a beautiful bike.


  4. I have a hunch it will take more than giving up your bike to hold your soul down. I see you soaring regardless.

  5. That really sucks that you developed vertigo and had to sell your bike. But just because you sold your bike doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy bike related events. Such as Strurgis, Sturgis sounds like an awesome time and if you’ve gone before you will want to go again! I recently started working for progressive motorcycle insurance and I have been finding out more about the whole motorcycle culture. It’s so cool. Since finding out more about motorcycle culture I have heard nothing but how amazing Sturgis is and I can’t wait to check it out. Progressive will be at Thunder Road at Sturgis giving away a free Exclusive Sucker Punch Sallys custom-designed T-shirt. To get the T-shirt all you have to do is visit, go to where it says Events and Rallies and print out the coupon. Bring the coupon to our booth at Thunder Road and get your free T-shirt, exclusively given away at Sturgis. We’ll also have some other free fun stuff to check out and while you’re there you can also enter to win a custom Suck Punch Sally’s bike. It’s an old school beauty.
    Hope I didn’t over step my bounds by posting on your blog, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to shoot me an e-mail!
    Hope to see you there.
    Gia Anderson
    Brand Ambassador

  6. chaps and's all good!

  7. She was a beauty!! I agree with spf...let's get you on a biCYCLE...but...I understand the draw...

    I was a biker some life I barely remember.

    The chaps and bandanas...I am seeing funky diva here...


  8. You go girl!! A biker also huh? Years ago I had a mean "Riva" motorscooter,LOVED it,til my son abused it. I was sitting at a light once(forever)and these 2 Harley guys pulled up to me and said been here long?,that thing won't change the light it's too small,LOL.

  9. 2 wheels or 4

    motor or dirt bike

    your soul will soar

    anywhere, always and

    no matter what

    that's the Leslie

    I know...

    xox - eb.

  10. Oh honey!!! Chaps and bandanas and Sturgis!!! We were just there.... admiring the lovely sound of the Harleys!!! I can see you....
    Your soul... free spirited as it is will get where it needs to go no matter what!

  11. She was a beauty, Leslie! Sorry you can no longer ride. I understand perfectly how you still hold on to chap and bandanas.
    Oh how I would love to ride one of this. Maybe one day...for now I stick to riding ATVs up the mountain on weekends ;). Sorry about the vertigo. What a bummer! Oh btw, enjoy your trip to Italy!!!! Arrivederci cara :)

  12. I enjoyed the read of your thoughts, and the artwork blended well. It was surprisingly relaxing. My day was better at the end of your opening page. Best of all things that come your way in life.