Thursday, August 14

X 60

Art & Soul Portland fatbook page (front and back). Why do I wait until the very last minute?


  1. and you're making how many of these?
    Looks terrific - good luck getting them all done......and yet you have time to update your blog - is that procrastination, perhaps?

  2. I spy with my little eye, something fabulous that resembles an old card catalog. hmm...

  3. Last minute???
    Sh---------t does that mean I will be there so soon, omg, cant wait to catch up again. Looks great btw.

  4. Leslie.......Thank you so much for your visit:D I was thrilled to hear from you and your grandson! No, I didn't remove any pages from their books.....the only problem to that is that when completed the book is VERY FAT.....LOL! THe cover stands at almost a 90 degree angle:) I happen to like that, but it might not be for you. You could remove pages and then do a journal for each year. They will love it no matter what way you do it....good luck and if you have any other questions please write me...hugs, Linda

  5. ooooooooo!

    this is going to be so fun -
    lucky you - if I get to be a Mee Maw - let's see - I will be... maybe 70!?!

    xox - eb.

  6. Where or How can I buy one of this santo !
    I love them