Wednesday, October 29

Because things will never look like this again . . .

I had new carpet installed in my workspace today, which meant that I had to clean everything out of the room. How stark and uncluttered it looks without all my stuff! This won't last. Oh no it won't . . . . . . because tomorrow I start the process of putting all this stuff back!

I'm turning over a new leaf though. I will not allow things to get this out of hand again.Check back with me in six months.

Tuesday, October 28

Well, maybe not a thousand words . . .

I've started a second blog called Daily Focus. Inspired by blogs like this one and this one, I thought I'd try to simply post a photo every day -- no text, just pictures -- because sometimes no words are necessary.

Monday, October 20

Sole Mates

When was the last time you stood in lines like this for a porta-potty?Or slept in a pink tent in a sea of pink tents?If you participated in the Philadelphia 3-Day walk for breast cancer, you did these things -- as well as walking 60 miles -- this past weekend. This is the fourth year I've been involved with the Philly event -- the second time I've participated as a walker.It was fun to view the event from the route. I saw many aspects of the city that I've previously only witnessed from the road. We walked past crew boats rowing along the Schuylkill River as we trooped up the East River Drive (Kelly Drive).We walked through the city, even through City Hall. We walked the West River Drive, enjoying views of the art museum and Boathouse Row.And all along the route,the support was amazing.Along city streets and suburban lanes, folks came out to cheer and share warm trays of brownies.Young and old came out.Without the crew . . . without the hoorays . . . without the high fives . . . and the woos . . . Well, my under-trained legs and feet just wouldn't have made the journey. It was the love and the commitment and the smiles and the tears and the brownies that carried me through the 60 miles. It was my sole mates.
I love you guys.

Sunday, October 12

Art & Soul Projects

Nina Bagley's "Gatherings" was the first class I took in Portland. I have admired Nina's work for a long time, and it was great to meet her and listen to her wonderful southern accent as she gently led us through her techniques.
I worked on this cover during class, but I think I may actually bind it into a book rather than leave it in my "gatherings." Clearly, I have some more gathering to do before this work is finished, but that is the beauty of this project. I don't have to stop gathering until I run out of ribbon to bind the covers together. And that will be some time.Friday was spent in Thomas Ashman's "Ultimate Journal" class. Working with sheets of copper, drills, torches and patina was fun . . . Well, except for the part when we were standing outside in the pouring rain with torches and patina. Not so much fun. But funny.
This one needs some more work too, but I really enjoyed the class.Saturday and Sunday were spent with Judy Wilkenfeld making these beautiful velvet albums.I have been a Judy groupie since I discovered her blog last year. Her work is just so rich and detailed.So thoughtful.She spent the two days of this "Just in Case" class sharing her techniques as well as her processes.I LOVED this class, but I knew I would.And I will use her techniques again and again.One of the things I appreciated is how well constructed her work is. Her books are made to be handled over and over.Mine is not finished, but I'm really happy with the results so far.I even learned a new technique for my hair. It is "quite" lovely, don't you think?Monday I spent with Judy again, in her "Aging Gracefully" class, where we learned lots of techniques for aging paper, fabric, photos, etc. We even learned how to "make" an old book cover. Loved it!

Wednesday, October 8

"I love my life."

That's what Dede said on Day 3 of Art & Soul Portland.

I love my life too. I especially loved it during this Portland workshop. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Every class equipped me with new skills. I enjoyed each and every project. I have so much to share, but I'll start with this image from my Painted Nature Fabric class with Tracie Lyn and Maryilyn Huskamp.I don't paint, but I was pleased with my results in this class. And everyone had great results. I overheard someone who wandered in during lunch ask how every single person had produced something so "good."

And, Tracie and Marilyn are delightful.

More soon.