Sunday, October 12

Art & Soul Projects

Nina Bagley's "Gatherings" was the first class I took in Portland. I have admired Nina's work for a long time, and it was great to meet her and listen to her wonderful southern accent as she gently led us through her techniques.
I worked on this cover during class, but I think I may actually bind it into a book rather than leave it in my "gatherings." Clearly, I have some more gathering to do before this work is finished, but that is the beauty of this project. I don't have to stop gathering until I run out of ribbon to bind the covers together. And that will be some time.Friday was spent in Thomas Ashman's "Ultimate Journal" class. Working with sheets of copper, drills, torches and patina was fun . . . Well, except for the part when we were standing outside in the pouring rain with torches and patina. Not so much fun. But funny.
This one needs some more work too, but I really enjoyed the class.Saturday and Sunday were spent with Judy Wilkenfeld making these beautiful velvet albums.I have been a Judy groupie since I discovered her blog last year. Her work is just so rich and detailed.So thoughtful.She spent the two days of this "Just in Case" class sharing her techniques as well as her processes.I LOVED this class, but I knew I would.And I will use her techniques again and again.One of the things I appreciated is how well constructed her work is. Her books are made to be handled over and over.Mine is not finished, but I'm really happy with the results so far.I even learned a new technique for my hair. It is "quite" lovely, don't you think?Monday I spent with Judy again, in her "Aging Gracefully" class, where we learned lots of techniques for aging paper, fabric, photos, etc. We even learned how to "make" an old book cover. Loved it!


  1. WOW you sure were busy! Looks wonderful -

  2. These are absolutely stunning!!! And I love the new do! lol

    Have a wonderful week!



  3. i AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU AT cIndY fOrrEStER!! Are you taking her class in L.A.? I LOVE these pieces. I am new to the call-yourself-an-artist-world. It is so exciting and wonderful to be meeting so many inspiring women.

    I'll be back to admire more soon....KAREN EILEEN

  4. I added you to my favorites....hope that's okay.


  5. Man Leslie, you've been busy making art! Everything looks great, especially the Judy book. So nice!

  6. oh boy oh boy oh boy

    what absolute and total fun!!!

    just relishing each and every detail

    gorgeous - all of it

    can't wait to talk...

    xox - eb.

  7. oh leslie... it was so great to spend this time with you... your art is imspiring... i look at it and see leslie... thanks for sharing your pictures... and i didn't do too bad with the "head shot" of you and judy... ah ha

    can't wait to see you again
    big hug

    the fan

  8. Your pictures make me drool!
    I want to go to Italy so bad I can't even stand it!
    Out wine party was a blast, it was so wonderful to see you again!

  9. i was "oohhhh"ing & "aaaaahhhh"ing my way through your gorgeous photos & then...that hair shot!!!! love it, all of it!

  10. Wow!!!how wonderful...I especially love the book you made in Nina's class...I adore the blue ribbons against the brown and aged book...wonderful contrast.
    I am thinking about going to Art and Soul in the spring...I am now more inspired than ever.
    Love you Italy photos...I have some up in my current post.

  11. LOOOOOK at all the rust and turquoise!! It's all so lovely Leslie!!

    I'm going to be in Portland on Friday for the day....can you suggest places I shouldn't miss?????



  12. Those look awesome, I can see why you love doing this so much!


  13. I'm BLOWN AWAY!! BY YOUR NEW WORK Leslie!! But what not to like about yours and Judy's new "do"? You guy are funny!! Like the title "aging gracefully" for a class!! Yes I do!!

    Keep going forward friend. Love seeing the direction your taking!!

    all for now.

  14. Leslie,

    Your books are so amazing!
    Thanks for sharing them! I am determined to finish my Judy

  15. Leslie, Your books look so great. Lucky you to be going from one art class to another!! What inspiration.

  16. Leslie: You are blossoming by the minute! World watch out! I love how brave you are with your color palette. And the cousin "It" shot of you and Judy is priceless.

  17. love love love your book - so amazing to see it again.
    you are so talented leslie! But best of all you are an amazing human being and friend - sure glad we me in this big wide world.

  18. Love what you did in both classes, love all the layers and textures, great work

  19. These works are Stunning! No other words can describe them!
    Love the cousin "IT" photos!

  20. What a creative weekend you had! The colors are so rich. I love the patina on the metal. You must just feel alive after such a creative outpouring. It's always a visual treat to visit your site!

  21. Wow Leslie! Each and every one of these pieces is spectacular. I definitely see the "soul" in your "art." They must be incredible in person!