Tuesday, October 28

Well, maybe not a thousand words . . .

I've started a second blog called Daily Focus. Inspired by blogs like this one and this one, I thought I'd try to simply post a photo every day -- no text, just pictures -- because sometimes no words are necessary.


  1. What a great idea. I, too, have admired the photography on the photo-directed blogs, and these links are so great! Thank you for these, and best to you on your new blog!

  2. Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've enjoyed browsing through your site and will be back to explore some more!

  3. This is a GREAT idea! Especially for you Leslie. You are a gifted photographer & doing this will give you a focus and reason to share. Since I appreciate your talent, it is happy news to me!

    Welcome home and have a creative day!

  4. I've recently been thinking about doing this... hesitant to post my general photos on my art blog as I kind of want to keep that focused on me making art - want to keep that separate. But I am constantly taking photos trying to improve my shots and a photo diary (strictly photos) seems like a really good idea. You may have helped me make up my mind here. Best of luck with this!

  5. what a great idea - might copy cat you...

    xox - eb.